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Block-Geo Fixer 1.18.31 [3.5] – MCPE AddOns

Are you tired that the errors in the textures of blocks more than 1:1? Well, it’s okay! Because this Block-Geo fixer addon fixes custom blocks bigger or taller than 1:1! So you will see many add-ons will work again!

Creator: TazaMakeThings (Twitter)

Block-Geo Fixer

  • Due to 1.18.10, you can no longer create custom blocks more than 1:1 due to “engine limitations” limiting many creators and causing bugs that break the game. But this module breaks that limit and fixes that! Here is an example:

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  • Add-on used in the example: Jungle Expansion Add-on


  • Put this Add-on above of all resource packs to work! Or it won’t work properly


How to fix the Sonic bug:

  • When you enter a realm with the Geo-fixer activated inside the realm, the texture will change to this:
  • To solve this, you must go to “settings”
  • When you join again, press “join” and don’t download the packs

And that would be all! this is a temporal solution until fixing it. If Mojang patches this module, there will be an update as soon as possible to fix the add-on


  • Updated download link option to a better system.
Block-Geo Fixer

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