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Blue Topia – Best Minecraft City ever in Bedrock Edition with over 400 buildings, a funfair and a posh railway with almost 50 stations. it’s an area where the architecture of various purposes and designs coexist to make this vibrant city.

Cre: Brian Ching (Twitter)

What’s in Blue Topia

Hope you had an exquisite Summer!

BlueTopia, also called Blue City, was a Hong Kong and ny City-based project created back in 2012 when world generation was still finite. during this release (n2.3), it’s been developed into a contemporary metropolitan with shining lights, shops, and buildings around you. With the fast & easy-to-use transit system, you’ll get round the world and luxuriate in the delight of being an MC citizen seamlessly.

If you’re uninterested in the hustle, you’ll enjoy your day in FunLand! Here is that the city that considers the standard of lifetime of citizens. We hope you an honest trip around Blue Topia. inspect the travel guide so you won’t miss any of the attractions!

  • | recommend you go to our Google Drive for full content package !
  • | We have a thick archive, check it out ! (Link in Travel Guide)
download button 3 2 1 2 4

or here (drive)


  • VERSION NEW 2.3 | 近代第2.3號
  • NEW ! |新 Mossy Forest Park Under Construction
  • NEW ! |新 Blue Topian First Stadium Under Construction
  • NEW ! |新 Ocean City ! Boundary Town ! Baitwelton !
  • NEW ! |新 New Railway Map, and More!

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