Branch Home Office Furniture, Sega Genesis Mini, Magic Chef Air Fryer, Garmin Forerunner 645 Music, and More


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A work-from-home sale on Branch premium office furniture, a Sega Genesis Mini gaming console, a 5.6qt Magic Chef air fryer, and a Garmin Forerunner 645 Music smartwatch round out Monday’s best deals.

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The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music launched to a crowd of runners and fitness buffs with the best built-in GPS and workout tracking you’ll find. The watch debuted at $450 and the price has rarely dipped over the couple of years it’s been out, but Amazon has it down to $230, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find it any cheaper.

Beyond Garmin’s navigational expertise and advanced workout functions, the Forerunner 645 equips you with a host of smartphone functions that not all their other running watches sport, such as smartphone notifications and music controls.

This price will only persist through the end of the day, so order one as soon as you can.

If during quarantine you’ve found it difficult to keep the pictures on social media fresh you’re not alone. Using the same places or angles where you have space or good light has made things a bit dull. SideDeal is giving you the chance to boost your selfie game with this ten-piece set for just $19.

If you’re a bit of a solo photo taker this is a great set. I personally have bought a few of these individually and I wished I had seen something like this first. I can absolutely say the remote for the shutter is worth it alone. The tripod is also essential if you do a bit of OOTD (that’s outfit of the day) shooting. But get creative and play around with the three lenses too. You’re getting a wide-angle, fisheye, and macro zoom lens in this pack so plenty to shoot in pursuit of the perfect picture.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Whether you want a private jam session or something to fill a room, you can stock up on JBL’s wireless audio products for cheap. You have portable speakers to fill moderate-sized rooms, like the $120 JBL Charge 4, plus the much more aggressive PartyBox 200 and 300—a pair of portable amp-sized speakers with dazzling light shows built-in—at $350 and $400, respectively. For personal listening, you can also pick up a pair of JBL Live 500BT on-ear headphones for $80 featuring head-shaking 50mm drivers, 30-hour battery life, and ambient aware mode.

NordVPN is one of the most widely-acclaimed VPN services out there and has been downloaded en masse by our readers during past deals. The service lets you connect up to six simultaneous devices and access 5,871 servers worldwide, with no logs kept of your actions.

Right now, the best deal is to spring for three years of service and save 70% off of the regular monthly price. You’ll have to spend $126 to do so, but at least then you won’t have to think about it again until 2023!

This story was originally published by Gabe Carey on 4/17/2020 and updated by Andrew Hayward with new information on 5/7/2020.

If you’re looking for a handy pair of workout headphones to get you in the zone, I dare you to consider Monster iSport Bluetooth headphones. It’s a cheap, cheap $10, down from the original list price of $70. Just remember that these are certified refurbished, but if you’re going for a run or lifting some weights, you can really make the most of these. It has five hours of playtime, a secure clip to keep the buds from falling out, and is sweatproof for added comfort. Grab a pair before they’re gone!

Feeling nostalgic? You can feed that 16-bit void in your heart with a Sega Genesis Mini, a reincarnation of the classic console that helped save the gaming industry. For $50—not the lowest we’ve ever seen, but close—it comes with 42 games, including crowd favorites like Sonic, Mega Man, Ecco the Dolphin, Earthworm Jim, Virtua Fighter, Shinobi III, Street Fighter 2, Toe Jam & Earl, Altered Beast, Gunstar Heroes … need I go on?

If you’re an Animal Crossing fan, you’ve probably been looking forward to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Official Companion Guide. This book from Future Press is practically an encyclopedia for the game, but it was delayed for a while (no doubt because of COVID), and then eventually sold out. However, you can now order the $30 guide again! It’s still listed as out of stock, but if you’re more patient than the Amazon users that review bombed the page, you can order now and get a copy as soon as it’s back in stock.

The Nintendo Switch is finally getting its first Paper Mario RPG July 17. Dubbed Paper Mario: The Origami King, you’ll play as Mario and his new pal Olivia in a classic search-and-rescue story for none other than—you guessed it—Princess Peach. Seriously, can someone get her some self defense lessons already?

Pre-order Paper Mario: The Origami King for $60 at Amazon, and you’ll be in line to receive it the day the game launches.

Don’t forget that if the price drops between now and release date, Amazon will automatically adjust your total for the discount. Plus, Amazon doesn’t charge until it ships, so you have enough time to rush through a couple more of your current games before you’ll need to trade them, especially since you won’t be able to put this one down.

Need to beat some people up? Beat down some enemies and practice proper social distancing standards with Soulcalibur VI! The fighting game is on sale on the PS4 for just $20 on Amazon, and better yet, the PS4 Season Pass if $15 (usually $25)! So, you can get the complete Soulcalibur experience for $35, and that’s a pretty nice price.

One of the premier “fighting people with weapons” series, Soulcalibur VI is a blast to play, but it’s probably most well-known for its extensive character creator. People have… uh, made some pretty interesting things in it:

If character creation isn’t your thing, though, this fighting game has two meaty story modes to work through—one of them long enough to more than justify the purchase price. And, of course, you can go online afterwards and probably get trashed by the competition! What? That’s just me? Well… it’s still fun.

If you’re buying LEGO for a young kid, start with one of the LEGO Classic boxes. This Large set gives you a sizable pile of 790 pieces to start with.

Without step-by-step directions, this set is ideal for getting kids familiar with the tiny blocks and unlocking a bit of creativity in the process. Of course, there are larger Duplo blocks for the really young’uns, but LEGO suggests this is ideal for ages 4+. It’s $16 off right now.

This is a fact—those of us who are privileged to work from home will be doing so for the foreseeable future. Even once we start going back into the office, chances are you’ll only be going in a couple of days a week. That’s why, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been desperately looking for better WFH equipment without breaking the bank.

Enter Branch Furniture, the fast-growing startup offering premium office furniture for less. Their staple bestseller, the Branch Ergonomic Chair, equips you with comfort and quality while remaining on budget. You can buy it right now for 20% off at just $279, with free (and fast) shipping included! Their even more budget-friendly option, the Branch Task Chair, is down to $199 from $269 with free shipping. And, if you make a purchase and refer a friend, you’ll get a FREE stationery set from Baronfig, courtesy of Branch, which includes a sleek hardcover notebook and pen.

If those options don’t do it for you, you can also choose from an office desk that is $495, a supercharged standing desk for $815, a small filing cabinet for $155, and a modern Guest Chair for $395. Grab these before they’re gone!

I have four little dogs, and while I do walk them and love them a bunch, they make a hell of a mess—especially on my area rugs. Recently, one of my pups, Benjamin Alexander Cuddles, named by a younger cousin, had a bit of stomach flu and got sick on said area rug. What did I do? Pulled out my full-sized Bissell to take care of it. Which leads me to this baby. For a decent $70, you can also clean up your doggie’s messes easily with the Bissell’s spray, scrub, and suction modes. Since it’s cordless, it’ll take less time to get your carpet back to working order. Grab one before it’s gone!

Parenthood is sweet, but not knowing what your newborn is doing (they’re probably sleeping) while you’re in another part of the house is anxiety-inducing. With the Eufy SpaceView baby monitor for $110, which is 30% off its original list price of $160, you can keep an eye on your baby without marching up and down the stairs or hallway every time you think you hear a peep. You get automatic alerts if your baby is crying, so you’ll really, REALLY know if something is wrong. It also has a 1000ft range so you can watch your little creation anywhere in your home! Grab it before it is gone.

We’re a week away from Memorial Day, which many Americans regard as the official day of summer and the annual grand barbecue season kickoff. To prepare, get yourself some staple items at ThermoWorks where you can take 20% off any one item, including pro-grade thermometers and ThermaPens, alarms and timers, and more. Unfortunately, this sale doesn’t apply to the WAND forehead thermometer, which you should probably buy anyway to screen anyone who wants to attend your cookout for the ‘rona.

Today at Meh, you can buy a queen-sized Restorology air mattress for $39, complete with a built-in pump. That feature is important, because what they don’t tell you when buying an air mattress is that they’ll give you a nice, firm sleep at the beginning of the night only to deflate into a glorified sleeping bag by sunrise.

Despite all the foretelling by The Jetsons that technological progression would culminate with flying cars and teleportation devices, it’s the air fryer that has the world going nuts. If you haven’t already jumped aboard the for the revolution, you can do so now for $59 at SideDeal, where you can get a Magic Chef 5.6qt air fryer with enough room to feed the whole family.

Cast-iron skillets are like, the most versatile things ever. You can cook something on the stove and throw the skillet in the oven afterwards, and with proper care, the thing will last years. A cast-iron skillet is an investment, so while they can be a little expensive, they’re worth it. But if you need one, you’re in luck today, as Bed Bath & Beyond has some high-quality skillets for just $100.

Since this order’s above $39, you’ll get free shipping with your skillet, too. Which is nice, considering everything. You might want to pick one up fast, though, as the blue colored skillet is already sold out. Who knows how long the red and black ones will last?

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of lawn care, you might think a chainsaw on a pole is an absolutely terrible idea. Or an awesome zombie apocalypse weapon. Either or. But a pole saw can be great for taking care of pesky bowing branches, especially if you live in an area where a strong storm can rip those branches off the trees and cause serious damage. If you need a pole saw to protect your home from trees and zombies, you can pick up this Martha Stewart ten-foot pole saw for just $49 at Home Depot. Not bad at all!

Tired of breathing in the filthy quarantine air pervading your home? You don’t HAVE to keep torturing yourself: the Vava EE008 air purifier, which just came out recently, is down 27% to $110 with by clipping the coupon on the page and entering our exclusive promo code KINJAAP8 at checkout.

Made to cover rooms up to 323 square feet (more than half the size of my apartment), it’ll reduce dust in just 9 minutes, thanks to the bulit-in anions mode. A smart air quality monitor shows air quality in real time while adjusting fan speed depending on results. You can also customize the fan speed yourself, with four options to choose from and two modes.

After a while, though, the 4-in-1 HEPA filter will need replacing over time as indicated by a filter change light. Fortunately, we’re a one-stop shop.

SideDeal’s sale on this European Cordless Steamer Mop couldn’t come at a better time. With being in the house more we are cultivating more mess, that’s just a fact. And if you have multiple people or animals it’s probably a smidge more chaotic. Don’t worry you’ll be cleaning up more than savings with this Polti mop in no time for $69. SideDeal has discounted this more than 50% off its original price of $170.

What’s cool about this cordless mop is that you don’t need any chemicals or detergents so you don’t need to worry about extra safety for kids and/or pets. The steam kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria wherever you use it. It’s lightweight and easy to move especially if you live in an upstairs/downstairs situation. And best of all the charging station re-sanitizes the cleaning cloth for you. No additional messes.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Are you trying to be a budding chef? Do you have plans to start a YouTube channel, or are you just looking for some quality pots and pans? Well, look no further than the Epicurious 11-piece cookware set. It’s made of stainless steel, non-stick, and is dishwasher safe. The $152 set also has cool-touch handles so you won’t have to worry about burning your hands while making a roux or taking your browned chicken out of the oven. You’ll get one stockpot, two saucepans, one frying pan, one saute pan, and four lids. Grab this before it’s gone!

Look, duffel bags are useful. You can use them for fitness, for travel, for storing stuff in the car. But get a flimsy duffel bag and it can be more frustrating than useful to mess with. With Under Armour’s Duffle Bag, though, you’re assured quality, and right now a medium one is only $25. That should be big enough for most gym-goers’ workout gear, or an overnight bag for a business trip.

If you have ever been curious about trying Fenty now is the time. They have never run a sitewide sale before but from now until May 18 you can get 25% off anything. This even includes sale items and value sets.

You can snag the best seller pro filt’r longwear foundation for almost $9 less. I love my Moroccan Spice palette which is just $35 right now. This is absolutely the deal you’ve been waiting for and if it goes well maybe we will get another one this year.

Free shipping on all orders and the discount comes off once you add the items to your cart.

If we’ve learned one thing from quarantine, it’s that our urges don’t stop even though a pandemic is currently going on. Luckily for you, I have a solution. For a low $49, you bae can get your hands on a couples’ sex toy bundle that includes a g-spot vibe and a masturbation sleeve for anyone with a penis, as well as sex tarot cards and a power bank to keep everything charged up and ready to go (and get off). Grab this deal and climax again and again!

Luxury shoe designer Stuart Weitzman famously said, “I design shoes to make women happy.” And filling his collection with a variety that checks both form or function he has done that. Now yes, these are a bit on the expensive side so when a deal like 40% off comes around you take notice. From now until June 7 you can take advantage of that sale.

There’s plenty of strappy sandals, snazzy sneakers, and flattering flats. A handful of purses and boots from the winter collection remain if you’re feeling like you want to prep for next season. The classic Gabby flat is a best seller and super versatile. If you have the urge to splurge the Analeigh sandal would be a great addition to a warmer weather wardrobe.

Free shipping on all orders.

An actual tenant of self-care is faces masks. It’s true! Look at any definition of self-care and it’s there. Ok. It may not be. Truth is there is no right or wrong way to treat yourself on self-care day but you can do it in a fun way. Until tomorrow the SkinStore is giving you 30% off a selection of face mask products and there are some great companies in this sale. Just use code MASK30 at checkout.

I am a huge fan of Tony Moly, their masks are absolutely tops in this realm. The Peaches and Roses set has six items for $10 less with the code. Snow Fox is a company right on the heels of them and has been growing in popularity. Their Arctic Breeze set is a great purchase to grab before summer as it helps cool and calms the skin after a sunburn. Dr. Hauschka’s products have been in rotation for me for years and this firming mask is excellent if you have a few lines you want to have magically disappear for a few hours.

Sale ends tomorrow and there’s free shipping on all orders over $49.

Illustration for article titled Mondays Best Deals: Branch Home Office Furniture, Sega Genesis Mini, Magic Chef Air Fryer, Garmin Forerunner 645 Music, and More

I heard that Joker was good, or something. I can’t really comment as I haven’t seen it myself. But, who am I to deny Joker fans a good deal on their movies? The Blu-Ray for last year’s Joker is on Amazon for just $15, and that’s pretty darn good. Blu-Ray movie deals are selling out fast too (one sold out AS I was writing the post—how rude!), so grab this before it’s gone. Also, definitely don’t dance down the stairs.

Have you watched the John Wick trilogy this month? No? Then what are you doing with yourself? If you want to enjoy the adventures of the world’s most intense animal lover, you can buy all three movies for cheap—under $10 a piece on Amazon Video. John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2 are $7 a piece, while the newest movie, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, is $8. Altogether, that’s only $22!

Now, the third movie is available on HBO if you have that subscription, but HBO is lacking the first two movies for whatever reason. Additionally, while the first John Wick goes on sale fairly often, the second chapter does not. Why not save the headache of trying to find the right subscriptions and deals and just grab them all on Amazon now?




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Maybe I’m just nostalgic for travel but when I saw this sale I thought about every hotel I visited during my con travel. I’m sure you’ve come across Molton Brown in the hotels you’ve stayed in over the years too. I actually asked housekeeping for more hand lotion each day when I was in Baltimore. From now until May 18 get 25% off all Molton Brown products at Lookfantastic with code MOLTON25.

Their lotion is absolutely something I covet. But the soap is equally amazing. The black peppercorn body wash is one of Lookfantatitic’s top-selling items. Molton Brown has been creating quality products for 49 years so whatever you choose you won’t be disappointed.

Free shipping on all orders over $30.

Popping pills to numb the pain shouldn’t always be your first and only resort. Sometimes, a good heat massage is all you need, and with a $29 Vivaspa shiatsu massager at MorningSave,there’s no reason not to keep this helpmate on standby. Although it’s advertised as being perfect for the neck and lumbar, you could technically use this on any of your aching muscles. With two heated kneading nodes working out all the kinks, you can afford to put off a couple of those expensive spa days.

If the aforementioned blender alone won’t do the trick, then consider the Ninja Mega Kitchen System instead. As you can see above, this bundle comes with a lot more kitchen gadgets that could come in handy.

Not only do you get more power from this 1500W system, but it also comes with a 64oz food processing bowl for chopping up food and even mixing together dough. It also has a pair of 16oz Nutri Ninja cups with lids, perfect for smoothies. All told, this beastly bundle is $40 off right now.

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