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Tired of building on boring and old worlds in creative mode? Well, this island is custom generated world entirely for building bases and houses all in creative mode; or if you like, in survival mode.

This is a generated terrain world created by me, Mihara.  It’s a island where you could do anything on it. Unlike the natural terrain of a minecraft world, this is a custom terrain fitted for builders and alike.

Adventure through this beautiful map both in survival and creative. This island features a mountain which you can build a house on or a base on. You could do whatever you want on this island.

The choice is yours!

People made personal requests to me saying they want a world that is customized to their needs. That’s the inspiration behind this map! This map is for people who wants to build without the hassle to change the terrain around them. You don’t have to terraform, it has already been done for you! In this world, you can build wherever it suits the meets. 

I put in some custom trees to let your build look even more personal to you! This island is perfect if you just want to experiment or test out your building skills. This world was entirely targeted for creative mode users, but if you want to, you could play this in survival mode. You can still find a stronghold to defeat the ender dragon. You just gotta adventure out there!

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Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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