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As the name states, it’s not hard to guess what this pack does. If you’ve wanted to give your cake a fresh new look, and you like vanilla, consider giving this a try.

I forgot to include this in the release version. All credits go to aydenMC for the original base model/texture, which is what I used to make these textures. Link to his cake:

The cake texture will be replaced by the flavor of your choosing using the “cog” icon after activating the pack. Here is the Vanilla cake, cause I’m too lazy to take new screenshots of other cakes.

And you can’t forget the sprinkles! I even included the bottom of the cake even though you rarely see it.

That’s all this actually does. This is just a “quality of life” texture pack for those that want more personality from cakes. More flavors will be added in the future. Remember, stay safe. It’s a dangerous world.

  • Added Chocolate cakes with a Vanilla Base variant
  • Next up, Red Velvet
  • I think I actually made the background more blurred in the Feature Image this time lol
  • Gave credit to the creator of the base model/texture
  • Added a “Chocolate Base” variant. It’s not much, but it was a test to see if I could get subpacks to work
  • Made background in the feature image more blurred


Android Users: Simply tap on the notification that pops up in your notifications tray when the download is complete and it should open the game and start importing.

iOS Users: After the download’s finished, tap on “Open in…” and then tap on “Copy to Minecraft”.

Windows Users: Simply click on the arrow next to the download and then on “Open”. If everything is fine, the game should boot up and start importing.

If these don’t work, try moving the file to your “resource_packs” folder and it should do the trick.

I am not sure if this is compatible with Xbox since I do not own one, although it should be able to work anyways since it’s bedrock too.


Supported Minecraft versions




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