Call of Duty Zombies – Out West Mine V6


Zombies Map Inspired by the Call of Duty Zombies Franchise. Try to survive for as long as possible in a Round based Zombie Survival Map!


-Revive System: Supports up to 8 Players!

-All Purchases are based on tapping on item frames!

-Points and rounds are based on rotten flesh drops! Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t getting points or if the rounds aren’t changing! Your zombies simply still haven’t dropped flesh!

-Try to solve the Main Quest! (EE) (Will make tutorial soon)

Warning!: Map may still have some bugs I have not yet Fixed, let me know of any you encounter!

Make a copy of the original to play again!

DO NOT Change simulation distance


Find Powerup Machines scattered around the map to enhance your gameplay with unique abilities!!  Powerup Machines will give you a piece of wool you may then throw on the ground to receive and ability. Some abilities include a wolf spawn, Healing team mates, and much more! One can be picked up only once per round per player!-Power Up Drops!

Zombies have a chance to drop unique Power Ups! Picking these up can result in doubling the amount of points you get per zombie, increase your damage output, and even free points for you and your team mates.

-Buyable Doors

Spend your Points on doors around the map to unlock new areas and explore new places! Buying doors gives you access to more items around the map to enhance your gameplay!


A total of 4 perks are located around the map that will each give you different potion effects to assist you in your survival!  These include Resistance, Health Boost, Speed, and Regeneration. Don’t forget to turn on the power first!

-Wall Weapons

Purchase Weapons on the wall in order to fend of the hordes of zombies! Prices are posted on their respective item frames and are given via dispenser! Make sure no zombies come in and steal them!

-Rotating Mystery Box!

Find the mystery box and buy it in order to receive a random weapon, equipment, or even something else! Open the Box when numbers appear on your screen to pick up your item, if you don’t pick it up before the timer ends, you will lose that item! Sometimes the mystery box will move to a different location rather than giving you an item!


Find Sea Lanterns on item frames to find a trap! These will kill any zombies and players who enter its area of effect!

-Progressive Difficulty Rounds!

Survive multiple rounds of zombies and try to reach the highest round you possibly can! Rounds are based on rotten flesh drops, once a certain number of zombies have dropped flesh, the next round will begin!


Turn on power and stand on the teleporter to go to the enchanter! You will be teleported back to the map after a full minute passes! Each player may only access the enchanter once per round after power has been turned on!


Find Repeating Command blocks and throw all the pieces specified to craft items! Craft a repairable free shield and a 2000 Point Iron Golem! Pieces for these items can be found scattered across the map and even in some hidden areas!

Bug Fixes V7:

-Accidentally had two downloads of the same world

-Fixed issue where people would return from the Gulag as soon as they got there

-You can take the bows from the Gulag

Bug Fixes V5:

-Changed Random Tick Speed and removed zombies that spawned before actually starting the game

-Please continue to let me know of any bugs you guys encounter!

Bug Fixes V5:

Minor Fixes in EE

Fixed a couple of wallbuys

Bug Fixes V5:

-added more steps to the main quest

-fixed healing barrier not killing zombies in a radius

-fixed side quests

Bug Fixes V5:

-Revamped Points system! Zombies will now be a lot more likely to give points

-Zombies now give 100 points as the old 200 points turned out to give way to many points with the new system

-Skeletons now give 50 points regardless of double points, You can also drop your bones to get 50 points.

-Fixed Looting 1 Wallbuy

-Fixed one of the Side Easter Eggs

-Added Wonder Weapon EE

-Tap on perks before power has been turned on to get 100 Points!

(This is probably the last Update)

Bug Fixes V3:

-Added New Side Easter Eggs

-Added In Game quotes

-Added Enchanted Books Wallbuys

Bug Fixes V2:

-Fixed Iron Golem Buildable

-Added Complete Side Quest with Boss Fight

Bug Fixes V1:

-Fixed issue where certain perks were not buyable

-Fixed step in side quest (EE)

-added step in side quest (EE)

-Fixed issue where teleporter would teleport you outside the map

-Fixed issue where players who were downed and weren’t revived would not respawn in the map after the round ended


Recommended Higher End Devices, some devices may execute commands too slowly, and cause zombies to only be damageable once every 10 seconds, and loading into the map take an absurdly large amount of time. It is currently unknown which devices support this map. Download at your own risk.


Supported Minecraft versions


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