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Do you want some cool skins? Do you have trouble being quick when wanting to change from skin to skin? Well have I got the skin pack for you! Now introducing Casual Skins! (Doesn’t this sound like an infomercial? 😂) 

This is another personal use pack that I have uploaded, it has a wide variety of skins, and there will be more soon! If you want me to add some skins, you can reauest some in the comments! If you want me to add some of the skins you use personally, you can send me a friend request on discord, and send me a picture of your skin! 

This one is my favorite because it is a different color Steve! 

Now here are all of the skins:

I hope you all enjoy this awesome skin pack!! I plan on adding much much more skins! Along with your requests! You can add me as your friend on discord and send me pictures of your skins you want me to add! I will also give you a shout out if you send me your skins!  How to follow me: Click on my account, then to the right of my profile picture, click the Discord logo, then Discord server invite should be copied. 

All of these skins were made by me, I can make more if requested! 

I have also changed from media fire to Google Drive! It should be a big difference! 

Added a few more skins, and fixed the name of the skins! 

Comment down below which download link you prefer! Whichever one has the most prefers, I will start using! 

I added a few more skins, and fixed the problem with Google Drive

I took off the Google Drive link because it was messed up

Took off the Google Drive link

Thank you for downloading! 

Added the media fire because the google drive didn’t work for some

I Fixed description, I added that these skins were mine

Changed description

Remember how you can add me on discord! 

Edited the description to make it longer, for more detail


Supported Minecraft versions


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