Animals addon

Apex Creature

Apex Creature Beta 1.0 | 1.19.51+ – MCPE AddOns

Apex Creature For the difficulty and variety of mobs in the game, we include more boss more mob in the hopes that you love it. This add-on will add more mob, such as prehistoric mob or fantasy mob that brought from movies and novels like Jurassic park, Jurassic world, and Prehistoric planet. This add-on is beta mob still no sound…

Dogs Plus

Dogs Plus – Improvements Update – MCPE AddOns

You may add on Dogs Plus to get a variety of new dog breeds! They are adorable, fluffy, and come in all sizes. Just as in Minecraft, you can tame them, and they will follow you about and guard you. The dogs in Dogs Plus addon used to be Domestic Pets, but they were relocated because Domestic Pets now have…

Luis Animal

Luis Animal’s V1 – Amazon First – MCPE AddOns

Are you sick of Minecraft’s jungle? Isn’t it as if something is missing? Yes, there are fewer animals. In Luis Animal’s V1 Addon, you can witness a variety of animals in the Amazon forest in this addon. Let’s get right to the Addon explanation, but first, a big thank you to MRM and MRG, as well as MCPEDL, for bringing…