Custom Terrain

Mushy Island

Mushy Island 2.0 [Creation] | Minecraft Map – MCPE AddOns

Mushy Island is an amazing island full of giant mushrooms that glow at night, nordic houses along the mountain which sporadically appear, and some other decorations such as an old ship full of green moss on the water. Make the island look more peaceful and feel an antique vibe. This map was created by Toii and ported by Voxed Studio to…

Jungle Expansion Island

Jungle Expansion Island – MCPE AddOns

Download this wilderness-filled world – Jungle Expansion Island! Enjoy the handcrafted structures, unique arboreal setting, and skillfully terraformed hills on this bespoke terrain map. Furthermore, the biome is a true jungle! Cre: InsomniaGamesMCPE (Youtube) Jungle Expansion Island – Advertisement – Show me an in-depth view! The bulk of the island is located here. The best use for it is as…

Castelvecchio Di Compito [Italy]

Castelvecchio Di Compito [Italy] – MCPE AddOns

Castelvecchio Di Compito [Italy] is a wonderful Italian village based on the reallocation, with many houses, walls, and a church with all decorated interiors. Explore this amazing village and have fun! The map was created by Randymix and ported by Voxed Studio to Bedrock Edition. Creator: Voxed Studio (Twitter, Youtube) Castelvecchio Di Compito [Italy] This wonderful map made by Randymix…