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Block Warfare

Block Warfare – MCPE AddOns

Block Warfare adds survival friendly, ultra low poly,13 guns. Highly compatible with other mods. Cre: Chromite MaxCrit (Youtube) Block Warfare – Advertisement – Ak-47:DMG-5 Scar-L:DMG-6 SIG MCX Spear:DMG-7 SIG MCX Virtus:DMG-8 SVD:DMG-8 SAKO TRG 42:DMG-18 Colt 1911:DMG-5 PPSH-41:DMG-6 – Advertisement – P90:DMG-6 Spas-12:DMG-9 AA-12:DMG-10 +puts enemies on fire. M60:DMG-15 M79:DMG=EXPLOSIONS!!!! AR’s uses Rifle Ammo,Colt 1911 and Smg’s uses Light Ammo,…

Best Gun Mods

5 Best Gun Mods For Minecraft PE – Bedrock Edition – MCPE AddOns

Are you looking for the best gun mods for Minecraft PE? If you are a gun lover or a lover of shooters and fighting genres, You will love these addons and pocketmods we shared today. These modifications will replace dull old equipment in your Minecraft environment with a variety of minecraft bedrock weapon mods. Download 5 Best Gun Mods For Minecraft…