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Parkour Craft

Parkour Craft – MCPE AddOns

A Minecraft parkour game with 100 stages of varying complexity, daylike lighting, and lighting for the nighttime. We are the first to create a map using that feature! Cre: Parkour Craft (Youtube, Twitter) Parkour Craft – Advertisement – Details It has 100 levels and a 10 by 10 space with what looks like daytime lighting but is actually night. Until…

Stampy Parkour

Stampy Parkour – MCPE AddOns

Hey Guys Welcome to the Stampy Parkour, where you’ll be parkouring on one of your favorite Youtubers. There are approximately 17 levels in this map, each with 10 or more jumps. There are simple and medium leaps on the map. I hope you enjoy this map, guys:D Cre: RageCordPlays (Twitter) Stampy Parkour – Advertisement – Map Creator: RageCord Check out my YouTube Channel to see more maps. Here is a Gameplay Video: Also Here are some pictures of the Map as well 😀 Some other Maps Minecraft PE you can check in Mc addons’ site: Rules: NO CHEATING NO BREAKING BLOCKS PEACEFUL MODE ADVENTURE MODE If you’re a lousy parkourer, you can utilize creative to return to the block where you fell, or you can beat it legally. There will also be checkpoints scattered throughout the map. Wishing you luck? #128512; if theirs…