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John Smith Legacy

John Smith Legacy [32×32]

One of the earliest texture packs for Minecraft on the PC is called John Smith Legacy (and now ported to Pocket Edition). It is a texture pack in the medieval style that works well for terrain and buildings you want to look more weathered and rustic. This pack would probably be the best option for you if you want extremely…

Sketched 32x

Sketched 32x [By DFergxz] – Java and Bedrock – MCPE AddOns

Sketched 32x is a texture collection that works with both Minecraft Bedrock and Java. Minecraft 1.18 is currently being updated. Cre: DFergxz Sketched 32x Feature – Advertisement – Note: In this scenario, all-in-one implies that you can download and extract the texture pack, then drop the folder into one of the Resource pack folders (Bedrock: resource packs / Java: resourcepacks)…