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WarVehicles Addon

WarVehicles Addon – Tank Warfare! – MCPE AddOns

Do you want to start your own Minecraft battle? You’ll need strong armor as well as vehicles with that armor. Greetings from War Vehicles! This WarVehicles Addon is ideal for Milsim since it gives the game access to 18 different armored military vehicles and two mounted weapons, which are sufficient to do any amount of destruction you want! Creator: ArsenalCraftStudios…

Suzuki carry pick up addon

Suzuki carry pick up addon

Suzuki has announced the release of its new Carry Pick-Up Addon; an affordable, small-scale SUVs designed for everyday urban use. The Carry Pick-Up Addon is a variant of the Carry SUVs range. While still featuring the compact, robust design of the SUVs, this version has been designed for more practical usage. The bumpers are more reinforced and the cabin has…