Zombie addon

Quarantine Zone

Quarantine Zone [Project Z Remastered] 1.19+ – MCPE AddOns

Hi, I’m Mark. Today I’m going to demonstrate the Project Z Remastered Quarantine Zone add-on. Let’s see what’s good in this add-on for the zombie genre, or for a world overrun by zombies, in the zombie game genre. Cre: MarkKunCH (Youtube, Twitter) Quarantine Zone – Advertisement – Normal zombie or common infected will everywhere Damage 3 Movement speed 0.22 Attack…

Mobs Kill Their Species AddOn

Mobs Kill Their Species Addon – MCPE AddOns

Have you ever fantasized about watching the game’s hostile mobs attacking and killing each other? They despise each other and don’t want anyone of their type near, as you’ll see in this DLC. Cre: LanDay Mobs Kill Their Species Addon – Advertisement – This addon will do the following, as stated in the description: The game’s most common hostile mobs…