Cda Morph

Cda Morph addon brings to you a bunch of popular Java Edition Morph Mod onto Bedrock Edition. It currently supports all the mobs as stated by Minecraft Gamepedia except the Ender Dragon. Once you play with the Cda Morph addon, you are able to morph into mods and do many cool things such as taking their appearance and using items that can either craft or get by killing a mob!

Cre: cda94581, Youtube, Twitter

Cda Morph [BETA]

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This addon is still in Beta, so maybe there will be bugs, you can check out the troubleshooting section if it doesn’t work, or other bugs that you find out. Please report on GitHub for the creator.

Back to the addon, Cda Morph allows to you morph into any mob (including 71 different mobs), using Morph item to back into your regular player.

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Take a note:

  • Form version 0.0.7 and onwards, the morph items are different! If previously you would just use the item (right-click or similar). Now players must Sneak & Jump while holding the item.
  • Besides that, there are many packs that will not work with this, as it modifies the Vanilla Player Files.
  • You also have 1 WIP mob, the Ender Dragon.

To obtain Cda Morph

Obtaining the items by crafting or by killing the proper mob. Follow the recipe below:

Agent – Dirt Axolotl – Water Bucket Bat – Stone Bee – Honeycomb
Cat – String Cave Spider – Spider Eye Chicken – Feather Cow – Leather
Creeper – Gunpowder Dolphin – Cod Donkey – Leather Drowned – Rotten Flesh
Ender Dragon – Dragon
Egg (You’ll get it back) – Unavailable ATM
Endermite – Ender Pearl Enderman – Ender Pearl
Evoker – Emerald Fox – Sweet Berry Ghast – Ghast Tear Glow Squid – Glow Ink Sac
Goat – Stone (Temporary) Hoglin – Crimson Fungus Horse – Leather Husk – Rotten Flesh
Iron Golem – Iron Ingot Llama – Leather Magma Cube – Magma Cream Mooshroom – Leather
Mule – Leather NPC – Dirt Ocelot – String Panda – Bamboo
Parrot – Feather Phantom – Phantom Membrane Pig – Porkchop Piglin – Gold Nugget
Pillager – Emerald Player – Dirt Polar Bear – Cod Pufferfish – Pufferfish
Rabbit – Rabbit Hide Ravager – Saddle Salmon – Salmon Sheep – Wool
Shulker – Shulker Shell Skeleton – Bone Skeleton Horse – Bone Slime – Slimeball
Snow Golem – Snowball Spider – Spider Eye Squid – Ink Sac Stray – Bone
Strider – String Tropical Fish – Tropical Fish Turtle – Seagrass Vex – Emerald
Villager – Emerald Vindicator – Emerald Wandering Trader – Emerald Witch – Stick
Wither – Nether Star (You’ll get it back) Wither Skeleton – Coal Wolf – Bone Zoglin – Crimson Fungus
Zombie – Rotten Flesh Zombie Villager – Rotten Flesh Zombified Piglin – Gold Nugget

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Easy to toggle if you want to only be able to obtain by crafting, by killing, by both, or have no way to obtain! To do it, you must select one of these or the pack will not work.

How to do:

  • Go into your world behavior packs
  • Tap on it –> Tap the gear icon.
  • Then drag the slider to the appropriate one you would like, option:
    • Left – No Way to Obtain in Survival
    • Left Center – Only Recipes
    • Right Center – Only Loot Tables
    • Right – Recipes & Loot Tables

To obtain the WIP Mob

Run “/function cda002/”
Followed by one of the WIP mobs, replacing spaces with Underscores _ and converting to lowercase. For example, to access the Ender Dragon, run:

  1. /function cda002/ender_dragon

There is a reason that Ender Dragon is marked as WIP, and that I am working on bringing it out.

Troubleshooting Cda Morph

  • Make sure to apply the Behavior Pack, you choose a sub pack.
  • Make sure both the Resource Pack and Behavior Pack are applied.
  • This pack might not be compatible with other packs.
  • Cheats might need to be enabled (testing required).
  • Before 0.0.6, make sure you’re on version 1.16.201+
  • As of 0.0.6, make sure you’re on version 1.17.0+
  • As of 0.0.7, make sure you’re on version 1.17.10+
  • As of 0.0.8, make sure you’re on version 1.18.0+
  • As of 0.1.0, make sure you’re on version 1.18.10+
  • Before 0.0.3, make sure “Holiday Creator Features” is enabled.
  • Contact with creator via this link
mcpeaddons download

Cda Morph [BETA] or Here (gg Drive)

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