Cerberus {SMP} {16+} {Bedrock} {Giveaways} {Nether Update!}


Cerberus is a new bedrock server created out of a desire to have a safe space where you can make friends (or don’t) have a dedicated Discord, participate in Minecraft/Discord competitions where you can actually win something IRL, and have a supportive community behind you. 

Welcome to Cerberus! Here you will find a vanilla SMP server with a couple of modifications to make the vanilla experience even better, an active discord community and even the chance to WIN something IRL! We have now removed the whitelist! no need to apply – join our discord and join the server directly today!! 

We currently offer:

A kingdom server where you can create a kingdom and invite only your friends or whoever you would like, a shopping district where you can create your own store, base protection, monthly giveaways, a pvp arena where you can win actual prizes irl, an active discord community with supportive admins, a support ticket system and so much more.

SMP only- our server offers a vanilla Minecraft experience that you can share with your friends and join a kingdom, or even go it alone. We do offer Tp hubs to enable getting to spawn, your base or the shopping district easier, along with 1 player sleep. 

Mini Games!

We now have a regenerating wither fighting arena, snow spleefing, a flying course and more! 

Now Featuring our PVP arena! 

Choose your own battle ground: with 6 different battle fields to choose from, including ice, fire, forest, heaven, underwater or sand, you can win glory in our arena! Win giveaways, get the title of ‘Champion’ on our discord and let everyone know you’re the best!

Why Cerberus?
Cerberus offers a 99.9% uptime, active and supportive admins, anti cheat, giveaways, active discord community, 24gb of server ram keep the lag at an absolute minimum. free2play!

Commands you can use:

/spawn – Return to spawn.

/home – Teleports a player to his/her bed.

/warp set “Warp Name” – Sets a players warp.

/warp to “Warp Name” – Teleports a player to his/her warp.

/tpa – Send a tpa request to players.

/tpaccept – Accept a teleport request.

/tpdeny – Deny a teleport request.


KeepInv false 

gamerule pvp true

tnt explodes true 

fire tick true

Server Rules:

No pvp unless agreed

No exploits! 

No duping!

No griefing!

No racism!

No glitching

No building your base within 500 blocks of spawn. this is to protect your own base too!

Don’t leave trees floating

join our discord server and join today!


  • Added the new website!
  • Added the minigames
  • Updated pictures
  • Updated description

updated server domain name

updated rules to add don’t leave trees floating and also no glitching

Removed the need to apply

Removed the whitelist

Updated Discord link 

  1. Updated supported versions and server types
  2. Added command list 
  3. Added images of the PVP arena 
  4. Updated title

Added PVP arena

Added commands

Added more RAM to the server

  • Added images of the shopping district, aka Olympus
  • Updated the featured image so that its now of the server
  • Updated and more detailed description
  • Added more pictures
  • Added warp

Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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