We bring you mass-updated maps to give you new experiences in Minecraft here. Phasmophobia Map was inspired by the author’s Phasmophobia of DeathlyTroll. The special thing about this map is that the author does not use resource packs for the reason that he wants to challenge himself. Very interesting is not it? Please download the file below to challenge with the author!!!!

Look at the lobby below where you can buy items, select maps, and turn Versus Mode on/off. If you don’t know how to play, you can also find a book that will tell you how to play the game.

The picture below that is the basement where the smallest of the 5 maps. There are 6 rooms here and the 7th room is the basement where the generator is located.

This school always has the lights on 24/7. There was a teacher here who beat children when they got his questions wrong, so the school got caught up in this scandalous rumor.

If you want to light up here, you must use the word van and your flashlight. This will be a hindrance for you if you don’t have them.

In addition to the above, in this map we also have a new menu design. They are neatly arranged and classified into different shelves and areas. To the left where you can select the map, in contrast, to the right of the shop is the shulker box. In addition, this map also has a whiteboard for you to change modes and start playing.

Versus mode is for if the player wants to become a ghost and attack their friends while they try to figure out which traits the player ghost has chosen.

Select version for changelog:

  • Massive update – Everything changed!
  • Updated the commands to use the new “execute” format instead of the old one
  • The AI ghost can now do more stuff instead of just walking around and hunting.
  • Added the DOTS Projector
  • The way a player uses special things like hunts now uses items that appear in their inventory.
  • Used different items for the equipment that looked more realistic to the original game
  • Way less command blocks, so hopefully a performance boost
  • When a player is dead, they become a spectator and can only get so far away from a player before teleporting to another player.
  • When the ghost wins, it says why (either everyone died or the hunters chose the wrong evidence)
  • If the game ends without a true winner, it will say “Game Ended Prematurely” (Ex. Trying to play Versus Mode on Singleplayer)
  • Fixed a bug with previous “Massive Update” where the dead people don’t come back to life.
  • Fixed a bug where people’s Sanity meter don’t get set back to 100 after the game ends
  • Added the Level Editor

By aadhu

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