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Civilization 7 can Break New Ground by Leaving It Behind

In recent years, there have been a number of impressive developments in the world of computer gaming as a whole, but one of the most anticipated innovations of all is the latest installment in the Civilization franchise, Civilization 7 (Civ7). As it stands, the franchise has long pushed the boundaries of what can be done in gaming, but with Civ7, the bar has been set even higher. As a result, there is much speculation and excitement regarding what the new game will be like, and there have been rumours of some truly revolutionary changes to the formula. One of these rumours is that Civ7 might attempt to break new ground by leaving its predecessor behind entirely, in terms of both gameplay and graphical design.

The latest game in the Civilization franchise, Civilization 5, has enjoyed considerable success in the gaming industry, having sold millions of copies worldwide and receiving numerous awards and accolades. However, despite its success, some players have felt that the game had become too familiar and predictable. In an attempt to shake things up a bit, rumors suggest that Civ7 may be a totally reinvention of the series, with new mechanics, revamped graphics and an entirely new setting. Some have even theorized that the game could be set in an alternate universe, or perhaps even in a post-apocalyptic future.

If these rumors turn out to be true, then Civ7 could truly be a game-changer. By introducing innovative and unique systems, Civ7 could revolutionize the way people play and interact within the world of computer gaming. This could have revolutionary implications for the industry, and could potentially create a new era of gaming. If the game really does bring something new to the table, it could be a huge hit and set the standard for all future games in the genre.

Given the level of speculation surrounding the game, it will likely be some time before the public know for certain what Civ7 will bring to the table. However, the idea that the game could break new ground by leaving the old behind is an exciting thought, and one that will no doubt be eagerly awaited by gamers everywhere.

Civilization 7 Can Leave New Ground by Breaking from Tradition

Civilization 7, the newest installment of Firaxis’s long-running strategy game series, has the potential to redefine the genre by completely breaking from past Civilization staples. After five of six entries in the series staying relatively close to the tried-and-tested formula, Civilization 7 could take the franchise in a bold new direction.

A Reimagined Setting

The series has often been praised for its overwhelmingly detailed environments, but with Civ 6, much of it felt dated and felt too much like a rehash of older entries. In order to stand out, the developers of the upcoming installment should use the opportunity to provide players with something entirely new– a sweeping and thoughtful reimagining of the tried-and-true 4X strategy experience.

Unique Mechanics

It also goes without saying that Civ 7 has to bring something new to the table in terms of mechanics. Fans would love to see:

  • New Diplomacy and Trade Options – Create a personalized diplomatic system that allows for more in-depth negotiations and strategies.
  • Enhanced Culture – Make the culture and religion of your civilization a bigger factor in the development of your empire.
  • Unique Resources – Each civilization’s resources should be unique and reflect its culture.
  • Innovative Combat – Make combat more engaging by adding different tactics and allowing for more strategic battles.

New Multiplayer Modes

The Civilization series has always had a dedicated multiplayer community, and Civ 7 can take this aspect of the game to the next level. Firaxis developers should add new and innovative modes that put an emphasis on cooperation and team play.


The potential for an exciting and fresh new Civilization experience is there, and it’s now up to the developers to make it happen. If Firaxis can utilize the vast resources and skills at their disposal to craft an entirely new experience, then Civilization 7 could be an unforgettable experience for fans of the series and newcomers alike.

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