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CMPE/Bedrock Gift Cannon

Gift Cannon

This add-on does not use the Player.json file. What about a cannon that throws an explosive gift? Still not want? And the monster gift that helps you kill the monsters? Here’s what I made for the Christmas event 🙂 With a bonus of an incredible trailer (I think)


I and some people made a trailer for it! You can watch it here


Well, where to start?

First Merry Christmas!

Second, I want to thank you all for your support 🙂

And finally, we can talk about the add-on


How to use it?

It’s simple, use it alike if you wanted to eat. And poof! An explosive gift appear 🙂 If you are lucky, some monster gift will appear to help you kill the monsters.

How to get it on survival?

With this simple craft 🙂


That’s all found me here :

YT :  https://www.youtube.com/c/Raycka13/


Discord :  https://discord.com/invite/uuyKEEXPqG


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