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Welcome to the world of CobbleCraft! Are you tired of being banned on a server for no reason? Well you’ve come to the right place! We have a few rules but not too much. Our server never resets its map unless under extreme circumstances.

CobbleCraft is a new vanilla smp server! It has a small community but we are hoping it can grow! This is a bedrock smp server running on bedrock and is always updated to the newest version. Its is recommended you join the discord because the server runs on Aternos and will time out if nobody is on it so the server isnt up all the time. This server does have a whitelist and is open to anyone thats whitelisted! If we ban you there will 100% be a reason. Below is our rules. Our rules are more simpler than Barney.

1. No hacking (Obviously)

2. No duping

3. No raiding stealing or griefing. (Dont destroy or steal others stuff)

4. Dont take the book at spawn

5. Dont break spawn

We also have a discord server with our mc server.

If you dont think the spawn area is good then let me know.

Added 1. Added whitelist

2. To get whitelisted go to #general in the discord after nicknaming you to your mc username (Shows up as ___ instead of ___ on this server) and request to get whitelisted. In the future i will fix that.

Ok. Im gonna be looking into a new host and i meant dm me the time your about to review it. Even tho it is only up for maybe an hour or two part of the point of the discord is to get one of the staff to open it. If yall could recommend free server hosts that would be nice 😀

(Minehut is java only so i cant use that)

Sorry. I might be able to look into a new host but this would go easier if you either dm me on discord (Litten4life#1421) or email me ([email protected]) to let me know when yall will review mine.

Sorry again -Litten4life

P.s. I dont know your submission reviewing schedule but yall havent reviewed mine in like 3 days. Not trying to sound rude or anything but please dm me though discord or email if possible.

Sorry i didnt know you were gonna review it right now. Like i said email me when your gonna so i know. None of my discord volunteered to keep the server on for 24 hours. I can open the server now and maybe you might be able to review it. Once again sorry

Thanks to admins I ask some of the members of my discord server if they can be on the server for up to 48 hours. Hopefully one responds if not then i would have to keep my minecraft open.

Sorry admins. Unfortunately the server isnt open 24 hours. Its an aternos server. When you are about to review it email me [email protected] If i dont respond im probably sleeping. Sorry and thanks

Thanks to admins feedback i put the CobbleCraft logo on an in-game image

Upgraded the description to be more detailed and possible added most of the stuff to describe

Changed featured image to an in-game image with the words CobbleCraft

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