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Welcome to Command Camp, where you will learn how to create new things every week! This week at Command Camp, we are teaching you how to create your very own quests! The super simple NPC system will tell you everything you need to know!

The quest system is simple: Collect the necessary items to get your reward. This can be changed, as well!

It is also completely customizable. A future update will include multiple-criteria quests and quest paths!

The small spawn (shown below) will guide you over to the main command area.

In the Main Command Area, you will find the Camp Manager, who will greet you and start the lesson. The teachers will help you create your template, and then the fun begins!

The Command Manager will give you step-by-step instructions, which will tell you what to replace in the command blocks.

Once you have your quest ready, take your items to the quest area for submission!

Thanks for checking out the world, please consider downloading!


Click the link and download from Mediafire. Then, you can install the file directly into Minecraft.


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