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Design your console in minecarft! Take on the role of a real designer! Build with friends or by yourself. Explore the huge console waiting to be rebuilt!

+ Huge console to rebuild!

+ Endless console rebuild possibilities!

+ 2 Skins

+ By CubedLab

Explore the beautiful cubic world and play with friends and alone. Show off your angular console design! See what this map also hides.

Become a real console designer in minecraft. See the huge console. Play with friends or alone! Have fun with our skins. You can find it all on Console Designer by CubedLab

We updated:

  1. file download inscription
  2. skin package for the application

We updated:

  1.  problem with downloading files
  2. bad trailer resolution
  3. errors on the map

We updated:

  1.  skin Pack download options from the app.
  2. wrong file inscription


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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