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COREBLOCK is a SkyBlock Type map that is seemingly harder than the OG Skyblock, maybe just a little but harder than Skyfactory, but thats just my opinion. Anyway, Most of this map is based around the Commands that allow you To custom Craft Recipes, which will indeed help you On your Goal…TO KILL THE WITHER >:D hehehehehehe….

Basically Your Goal Is to be able to kill the wither. You dont start out with much, just A DeadBush And seeds and some bonemeal and a credits book. Use these to allow you to progress your way into Becoming OP enough to kill the wither.once you kill the wither and grab his star, Your beat the game(planning to add a recipe where you put the nether star in the custom crafter to OFFICIALLY win the game).

Note To Those who make it to Fighting The wither. Recommended to fight him in the nether, as you all have seen how destructive his power is…dont wanna end up getting your world destroyed by its heads.

I tested these behavior and resource packs to make sure they work, if they arent working then please tell me in comments

for boomerang recipes: look up boomerangs on this website and you will find the addon that has those recipes

Boomerangs Basically are a Alt weapon i put for Ranged damage, since getting a bow is kinda hard to get, heres a little demo of how they work, Addon By Raigen

Ive made a ton of custom Crafting Commands, paired with the disabled tools addon, i was able to force you all to use the custom crafter to create armor, but dont worry, Wooden Tools still work 😉

So you see water at the bottom, how am i suppose to die, well glad you asked, because at Y level 20(Hieght level just above the ocean) it kills you instantly, i was planning to add Acid Rain but it wasnt really Working properly paired with the other behavior packs…

Here are some of the Armor Types you will be able to wear:

They range from:


Leaf(Dyed Leather)

Cow(retextured Chain)




I am currently trying to work on a way to get the ZIP changed to an MCWorld File, so until i can Turn it into .mcworld, What yoi will have to do is Download the Zip File, and Unzip the file and add it to your minecraft files, sorry for making you guys work harder just to play this map.

Also when you start up you will start at the ocean and you will be in creative mode. As for my lazy butt forgetting to set it correctly.

please switch to gamemode Survival, and swim up, you will end up dying once you reach the surface, and spawn up on the actual starting island, along with getting it into MCWorld Update, i will Fix this and when you download the world you will be in start out on the island and not in the ocean. thank you and sorry for the Inconvenience 

Send me Your Islands on my Insta(Thou.Vanilla), i would love to see all of your Islands once they are finished 🙂

-Detailed the Description more

-Added Demo Videos

-Added Images of some of the armor types

-Added explanations on what to do once you’ve entered the world


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