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Corpse Addon v1.0.11 for Minecraft 1.19.70+

Corpse Addon v1.0.11 has just been released for Minecraft 1.19.70+. This new Minecraft add-on adds a thoroughly immersive and detailed corpse system to the game.

The Corpse Addon v1.0.11 brings with it huge improvements, including a full inventory system for managing all of your items, and full functionality to allow corpses to be positioned and marked with an name tag.

Furthermore, the add-on now allows players to craft a multitude of tools from the corpses of their enemies. This includes bows, hats, armour, and even tools for mining, chopping wood and more.

Moreover, the Corpse Addon v1.0.11 gives players the freedom to customize the corpse of their enemies to make them even more unique. This includes options to change texture, colours and even to add tattoos and markings to the corpse.

Overall, the Corpse Addon v1.0.11 adds increased levels of detail and realism to Minecraft 1.19.70+. The new add-on enables players to build and customize their own corpses, while also allowing them to take advantage of a full inventory system. With this new version of the add-on, players can now make full use of their enemies’ corpses to not only craft new items and tools, but to completely customize them to their own specifications.

Download Corpse Addon v1.0.2 for Minecraft PE 1.19

Download Corpse Addon v1.0.3 for Minecraft PE 1.19

Download Corpse Addon v1.0.4 for Minecraft PE 1.19

Download Corpse Addon v1.0.11 for Minecraft PE 1.19

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