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Craftman Portable Music Player

Have you ever wished that you could listen to your favorite music while exploring your Minecraft PE world? Then Craftman Portable Music Player with Sony Walkman casette player-inspired addon is perfect for you!

Cre: Donald Delusional (Youtube, Twitter

Craftman Portable Music Player

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IMPORTANT: In order for the addon to function, you must create one repeating command block. Musicstart

Craftman Portable Music Player

To begin, you must create two items: a tape and a player.

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Make an empty cassette first.

Craftman Portable Music Player

It’s made up of six black terracottas, two glass blocks, and one iron ingot.

The texture of the tape is not final, and it will be modified in future releases.

You may now add music to it. You can do this right now by combining a cassette and a music disc, but this WILL change in the future. Also, there is currently only one cassette available, Chirp by C418. Soon, more will be added.

Craftman Portable Music Player

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Craftman Portable Music Player

2 blue concrete, 2 light grey concrete, 1 acacia button, 1 stone button, 1 redstone, 1 diamond block and 1 jukebox

Craftman Portable Music Player

HOW TO USE THEM in Craftman Portable Music Player:
First insert the cassette into the player:

Craftman Portable Music Player

Now you have the player with a cassette

To activate it, remove it from your inventory. The player will transform into a player, and music will begin to play.

You throw it out again to halt the music.

Stopping the music is required to eject the cassette (here’s what happens if you don’t:

Craftman Portable Music Player

) and put it in the crafting grid

Craftman Portable Music Player

You’ll get this item:

You’ll get the player and cassette back if you remove it from your inventory.



Update 0.2.0 Alpha

  • 4 new songs added – Cat, Blocks, Farm and Mall
  • Cassettes now have color labels for easier distinction

Update 0.3.0 Alpha

  • 2 new songs added – Mellohi and STALLL OH YEAAAH
  • Changed crafting for the Craftman Player
  • Fixed a bug which broke the Chirp cassette

Update 0.3.1 Alpha

  • Fixed crafting bugs: inability to craft the cassettes or to put them in the player

Update 0.4.0 Alpha

4 additional discs have been added! 2 from vanilla Minecraft (Strad and Wait) and 2 from The Noteblocks, the iconic Minecraft villager band! We’ve teamed up with them to release two of their tracks on cassette: Sun and Zombies.

What’s more, they don’t take the place of any existing music! However, this accessory only comes with tapes. You should download The Noteblocks’ music if you desire the discs from the movie.
Because there are no Sun and Zombies discs in vanilla Minecraft, those cassettes must be made using a different method:

Craftman Portable Music Player
Craftman Portable Music Player

Update 1.0 

4 new discs added – 11, 13, Pigstep and otherside. Thus, all of the vanilla minecraft music discs are added to this addon – hence the 1.0 full release:D

If you’d like your music to be included in this addon, contact me on Twitter


Update 1.0 

  • 4 new discs added – 11, 13, Pigstep and otherside. Thus, all of the vanilla minecraft music discs are added to this addon – hence the 1.0 full release:D
Craftman Portable Music Player

Download Craftman Portable Music Player (Support Creator)

Download Craftman Portable Music Player (File Drive)

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