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Crash Royale Addon | Update BLUE vs RED – MCPE AddOns

Crash Royale Addon incorporates the entities from the video game CRASH ROYALE FOR MINECRAFT, including seven passive creatures that will harm evil entities and are extremely powerful and resistant. Do you think you’d be brave enough to go up against them? 

Cre: Garcia_1490 (Youtube)

Crash Royale Addon

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The creature’s life and damage are obtained from the crash royale wikipedia page, and the creature’s life and damage at level 11 are chosen and divided into 5 to make Minecraft more balanced.


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There are 15 skeletons that can take down larger creatures, although they are very weak. 

  • Health: 16.2 
  • Damage:16.2 
  • Attack speed:0.1 seconds
Crash Royale


The witch has the ability to knock down powerful creatures such as the wither, fire spells at her foes, and summon skeletons every 7 seconds.

  • Health: 167.6 
  • Damage: 26.8 
  • Attack speed: 1.1 seconds
Crash Royale Addon


The mage is a very strong entity, he can take down a wither without much problem, his attack is by area.

  • Health:144 
  • Damage:56.2
  • Attack speed: 1.4 seconds 
Crash Royale Addon


They are two extremely powerful barbarians that can both kill and resist extremely powerful monsters.

  • Health:268.2 
  • Damage:76.8 
  • Attack speed: 1.4 seconds 
Crash Royale Addon


The valkyrie is extremely resistant, and she is far too powerful; she can kill armies in a matter of seconds, and her area attack is far too powerful.

  • Health:373 
  • Damage:58.4 attack 
  • Attack speed:1.4 seconds 
Crash Royale Addon


The entity that deals the most damage is extremely powerful; a single overloaded shot will wipe out a swarm of ravagers.

  • Health:290.4 
  • Damage:266.2 
  • Attack speed: 4 seconds 
Crash Royale Addon


The entity that deals the most damage is extremely powerful; a single overloaded shot will wipe out a swarm of ravagers.

  • Health:832 
  • Damage:163.2 
  • Attack speed: 1.8 second
Crash Royale Addon

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check in Mcpe addons’s site: 


  • Nerf entities 
  • Bug fixes 
  • Update added: RED VS BLUE 
  • Pekka 
  • The pekka is buffed
Crash Royale Addon

Download Crash Royale Addon (Mediafire) or Crash Royale Addon File Drive

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