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The Creeper Friend can now be tamed using diamonds and used similar to a bodyguard to keep you protected against the hostile creatures in Minecraft. Besides being the perfect companion on your adventures it also looks very cool as it is well-dressed with a dark suit and black shades. I love it, and I think you will too! 

How does it work?

Creepers FBI looks like humans. It got two arms and two legs. They are neutral by default. This means they will only attack if they are being attacked first. To befriend a creeper you first need to tame one. Hold some diamonds in your hand, get close to a creeper and then press the Tame button to tame it.  If you are successful some hearts appear around the creeper. A tamed creeper wears a black suit, a red tie and cool black shades. It looks just like a professional bodyguard except that it got a green creeper face.

You can have as many of them as you want and you can even start breeding them. Feed a carrot or an apple to two different creepers and they will soon start make love. They are very efficient at making babies. A baby will pop out just a second or two after their love fest. Babies will automatically be tamed.


Minecraft is sometimes a very dangerous world and that’s why there are many benefits of getting a bodyguard. First off, they are incredibly loyal and will always try to protect you against anything that’s hostile. Long-tap on a creeper and use the Sit Stand button to command them. For example, you can station them on multiple different locations.


The bodyguard creepers are very fast and quite strong. This means that they won’t have any problem whatsoever to take down possible threats.


New Creeper Stats / Features:

  • Attack damage: 4
  • Three variants
  • Never explodes
  • Two times more health than the original creeper
  • Neutral mob, only attacks the player if it is attacked first, otherwise friendly
  • Helps player kill other mobs if tamed
  • Drops diamonds, bow and golden sword
  • Feed them using applets, golden apples or carrots to regenerate their health
  • Give gunpowder to procreate
  • Give him an bow so he can use ranged attack or a golden sword if he wants him to use body attack

  • Texture improvements (now the glasses are 3D)
  • New video showing how to pass the ad

What’s new;

  • New pack icon
  • Added two variants
  • Diminished loot
  • Feeding behavior added
  • Fixed melee attack animation
  • Fixed conflict with other add-ons
  • Added enchanted apple to feed list
  • Added compatibility with latest game version
  • Added custom sounds and improvements in compatibility with current versions
  • Option to choose the type of attack, just use bow for ranged attack or sword for melee attack
  • It does not replace the original creeper
  • The original Creeper runs away from it
  • Compatible with the latest version of the game


Supported Minecraft versions


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