Custom Title: “Buzzy Bees Update” Letters


Tired of having the same title always despite receiving the latest updates? Well, with this package you will always have the title updated to the latest version of Minecraft, yes.

This resource pack changes the standard title “Minecraft” to one that contains the letters of the “Buzzy Bees” update.

As you can see in the image.

With each update I will add the corresponding letters to the package.

-The yellow letters (splashes) reappear in the title as it was originally.

-Removed some folders that were generated during package development.

-Residual folders created during development were deleted.

-Las letras amarillas del título “splashes” ahora están presentes como lo está originalmente.

-Bugs Fixed in the pack Download. (MCPEDL Android and iOS App)

–First launch of the package, includes the title “Buzzy Bees Update”

–First launch of the package, includes the title “Buzzy Bees Update”

–First version of the resource package released, it will be added in more languages ​​soon.

-First version released (English version will be added soon, oh yeah)


Download the file, tap to install it.

 (Nothing happens when you tap? You can install this Explorer:

(Tap the .mcpack file you downloaded and select Minecraft)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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