Cute Azalea Boats pack is based on a previous version I made for Java, which is a boat with an azalea roof that has been tweaked to function with bedrock versions. This resource pack has been tested in the Windows 10 version.

Cre: Hakks (Youtube, Twitter)

Cute Azalea Boats

Some screenshots from

Remove the boredom of vanilla minecraft with interesting texture packs:

  • Fused Vanilla Shaders VDark
  • MazinPack [8×8] | Texture Pack for Minecraft
  • Rainbow Pie UI Texture Packs


The texture pack’s description has been updated, and a version that was not fully compatible has been removed.


The link will take you to a page containing both the java and bedrock versions; select the bedrock button and it will take you to linkvertise; using linkvertise is simple; simply click on “free access with advertising” and dismiss the window that appears; the download will be unlocked immediately.

Cute Azalea Boats

Download Cute Azalea Boats (Support Creator) 

Download Cute Azalea Boats (Drive) 

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