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You wake up in a unsettling place meeting someone you don’t know you have to go through all 10 nightmares collecting soul shards and being chased by your fears, play with your, friends if your scared 🙂

Use power ups to make your way through all 10 levels, and make sure you don’t die by monsters. And remember you have 1 health you can die easily 


Murder monkey


Gold watchers

Dread ducky

Clown Gremlin




Teleportation (doesn’t work tho)


.Doom Ducky

.Fixed roller coaster 

.Fixed Teleportation 

.Speed boost is only 1:00 not 3:00

•Added Doom Ducky

•Added new escape in stranger sewers

•Fixed Teleportation

•Have full health

•Fixed subtitle

•Fixed roller coaster 

•Added text to Stranger sewers

The map is so different than before all levels changed new Bierce ballroom new monster

You know what I give up I never wanna visit this good and also awesome website I just wanna post my stuff but it keeps getting denied so what’s the point it’s hard to make a perfect description my sister told me not everything has to be perfect so you know what bye after I fix this description one more time

Updated the description

That’s it nothing

I tried so hard please upload it 🙁

Fixed description 

Added new download link

New screenshot

Map remastered

Im still working on some levels I’ll add the another level soon I’m working on it


You can use MediaFire or the other one. But if none of these work for you just download “Omlet Arcade” once you get bit search faceless112 then find the map of of there have fun


Supported Minecraft versions


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