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Have you been seeing your favourite youtubers playing death swap on Java edition and wished you could try it? If yes, then you’re in luck because we recreated the same concept on minecraft bedrock edition for you to try for yourself.

How to play Death Swap

Your goal is to kill your opponent You have to put them in a dangerous place right before you swap! You could make them fall in lava, fall off a cliff, or even blow them up in a desert temple.

Note: This map is for two players only. The map will break if you use more or less than 2 players. Also, if your game lags after pressing the start button, quickly relog and immediately invite the other player (This should only be an issue on low end devices).

More info

This Death Swap map was created by ThanPixel and BlueSlimeMC. BlueSlimeMC wrote the commands and ThanPixel created the resource pack and builds. If you enjoy this map, make sure to share it with your friends!

If you find any glitches report them in the comment section here or preferrably message BlueSlimeMC#2081 on discord and I we will try our best to fix it.


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