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Demogorgon is a monster from the popular TV show called “Stranger Things”. It’s immensely powerful.. Targeting and attacking a Demogorgon is extremely tricky as if you attack one then all of them in your surroundings will focus on you. They have some crazy animations as well!


Demogorgon and Dartagnan will spawn at night time or in caves and will also spawn and live in the Nether. 


When it spots a target it will sneak up. Once it gets close to it’s target, It will do a jumpscare roar and attack! When there is no targets around after the other target, for about 3-4 seconds, it will heal itself! Once killing the demogorgon, it will drop Slug Item!

  • Health: 150
  • Attack damage: 8
  • Loot: 0-2 Slug Item


It is similar to a Demogorgon, but It has types of stages, and wild dartagnans will be afraid of Iron Golems

The Pollywog

A small worm that is harmless to players but will attack only one mob, which is a chicken, and will eat any food that is on the ground except fish, Yet also tameable with meat except fish.


  • Health: 6 
  • Attack Damage: 2


  • Health: 14
  • Attack Damage: 5

The Frogogorgon

Familiar to a frog but attacks chickens and rabbits, and will eat any food that is on the ground except fish, Yet it is harmless to players, a bit faster than The Pollywog, and tameable too. 


  • Health: 10
  • Attack Damage: 4


  • Health: 22
  • Attack Damage: 9

The Catogorgon

A size of an cat and not harmless to players at all. It attacks any animal on ground and some mobs, and also are tameable but will be hard to tame. When it sees a target from far distance, it will jump and attack the target, which is similar to Fox’s attack.


  • Health: 18
  • Attack Damage: 6


  • Health: 30
  • Attack Damage: 13

The Demodog

A size of a wolf but stronger, faster then The Catogorgon, and not tameable. It will attack any animals and more mobs, but will not attack mobs in water. When it sees a target from far distance, it will jump and attack the target, which is similar to Fox’s attack. but stronger.

Differences between Wild and Tamed:

If its Wild, Demodog will have the final stage which will eventually form into a Demogorgon showing particle effects, but it will take some time to form.

As for Tamed, Demodog will not be able to have the final stage form into demogorgon, instead it will be able to be breedable.


  • Health: 24
  • Attack Damage: 10
  • Loot: 0-1 Slug Item


  • Health: 46
  • Attack Damage: 18
  • Loot: 0-1 Slug Item


An weird slimy item that is dropped from demogorgon and dartagnan. Once it is spawned, it won’t be able move and it is very weak. Leaving it for more than a minute will form into the first stage of dartagnan. Trying to remove or killing the slug will not drop the item!!! So becareful using it! 

In Collaboration:

There is a separate resource subpack in the addon to change textures which have Vanilla (Default) and Bare Bones!!! 

Special thanks to RobotPantaloons for letting me make demogorgon’s bare bones textures for Barebones Texture Pack supporting the Demogorgon Add-On!!!

Link to Bare Bones Texture Pack


Coming soon…

Gameplay Video

Coming soon..

Please, do not use any files including the models, and coded files from the demogorgon add-on without my permission!!!!! If so you will be reported about this!!!

    Version 3.0




                New Demogorgon Behavior & Model

                Sound Improvements

                Baby Demogorgon


    • Now supports with 1.10.x with changes. and new features!
    • Now the Add-On is no longer in Experimental Gameplay mode
    • Demogorgon has better detailed animations.
    • Demogorgon can eat any meat raw or cooked items
    • Demogorgon’s model is a bit changed and improved!.Added Baby Demogorgon! Much faster then normal Demogorgon and will directly attack a target!
    • New Thumbnail


    4 Steps to install the Add-On:

    1. Optional” If you still have the old versions of the add-on, please remove it on the minecraft storage settings!

    1. Download The Add-On

    2. Apply the packs for a world

    3. Create the world


    Supported Minecraft versions

    1.16 (beta)
    RTX Beta

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