Demon Slayer Addon

Frogdog and Dapy (check out our yt!) created Akuma no Isan, a Minecraft Bedrock Addon. Demon Slayer Addon is based on the anime and manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Cre: Dapy (Youtube

Demon Slayer Addon

Skill Trees, Quests, Races, Families, Breathing Styles, Blood Demon Arts, numerous Nichirin sword colors, fusion Breath Styles, and more can be found in Akuma no Isan (roughly translated as Demon’s Legacy).

When you initially enter your planet, you’ll be given the option to glance down. This will assign you to a Family at random, which is a system that grants you attributes other than your Race and Blood Demon Art/Breathing Style.

These families will grant you various benefits, such as the Rengoku family allowing you to unlock a special move based on flame breathing, and the Kocho family allowing you to deal poison on impact but with a somewhat weaker punch, and so on.

Use a breath book to become a Demon Slayer (for example a Book of Thunder). These can be acquired in treasure or obtained by completing quests with Hashira, who roams your world.

To chat to them, right-click and hold your screen; they will then give you a quest. You’ll gain a breathing book and some skill points if you finish them.

You may wonder what the purpose of skill points is. You will notice that you have several book things in your inventory when you first spawn. This is where you’ll find your Skill Trees.

You can enhance your breathing forms to do more damage or unlock a new form using the skill tree item.

You can also improve your speed, maximum health, resistance, and other attributes.

Finally, you have the option of choosing between different fighting styles.

The following are the various fighting styles that are currently accessible.

Some addons for Minecraft are similar to Demon Slayer Addon you can check in


Great sword.

Dual great sword.


And lastly, knuckles

Last but not least, you must level up in order to use additional Forms/Demon Techniques. You’ll need Skill Points to perform this, which may be gained by a Demon Slayer killing a Demon mob or a Demon killing a Demon Slayer mob. The number of Skill Points you earn is determined by the mob’s strength.

gameplay example : (sun 13th form, only unlockable with tsugikuni family

Demon Slayer Addon

To change between forms, sneak and right click/hold

same thing with meditating, sneak and right click

for more info read the trello:

or join the discord server:

When you go to create a World, there are some settings you must enable. Turn on the Akuma no Isan Resource AND Behavior packs, and MAKE SURE TO TURN ON HOLIDAY CREATOR FEATURES. Without these on, the Addon will not work.


for more info join the discord:

or read the trello:

Demon Slayer Addon

Download Demon Slayer Addon (Resource Pack) or File Drive

Download Demon Slayer Addon (Behaviour Pack) or File Drive

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