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Destiny 2 Axing Warmind Cell Mods is a Sad But Expected Turn

Destiny 2 recently announced that Warmind Cell mods, mods designed to help you protect yourself against solar elemental enemies and “riposte” projectiles will be removed from the game in the coming update. This move is saddening but unsurprising given the current trend of changes being made to the game.

Warmind Cell mods granted players with a unique defensive feature that allowed them to create a radius around them in which they could block or “riposte” hostile projectiles while they were engaging in activities like PvP or PvE, adding to the game an extra layer of tactical depth. Without these defensive mods, players will have to rely on a limited amount of equipment and skill to survive enemy attacks.

The removal of these warmind cells does not come without reasonable foundations. Reports indicate that these mods were seemingly overpowered, allowing for players to become almost impenetrable when engaging in combat. This, in turn, was making the game less accessible for new and less experienced players.

This is, however, a sad move from Bungie as it leads players to experience the game with an overall lower level of security. Additionally, it takes away the opportunity to strategize and anticipate in the face of intense combat situations and leaving players with a mere handful of options to defend themselves, including the utilization of grenades, melees and other abilities.

While the removal of warmind cells has the potential to improve gameplay and make the game more accessible to new players, it is still a concerning move which is leaving many veterans of the game disappointed. Dismantling such an established feature of the game has been far from well received among the community, who believe it removes a crucial aspect of the gameplay.

In the end, the ball is in Bungie’s court. Whether or not the removal of Warmind Cell mods proves to be a beneficial decision for the game moving forward remains to be seen.

Destiny 2 Axing Warmind Cell Mods is a Sad But Expected Turn

Warmind Cell Mods in Destiny 2, Bungie announced yesterday, would be going away. Use of their Warmind Cell Mods higher damage, produce less ammo, and cause supers to be higher in power once were ended in a disappointing but entirely predictable move.

A Significant Leveling in Power

Using Warmind Cell Mods produced some significant leveling in power, particularly in end-game activities. Previously, they allowed players to combine none other than cell Mods, with Mods in other loadouts, such as damage-dealing weapon mods and class mods, to gain big increases in DPS.

A Necessary Change

Bungie’s move makes sense, even if it is heart-breaking. This significant coopting of the sandbox was an issue, one that was apparently affecting the PvP balance of the game. Even if we’d prefer to keep using Warmind Cell Mods for higher levels of power, it looks like Bungie is committed to keeping the playing field level for all players, regardless of their access to Mods.

What This Means to Players

So what does this mean for players? First of all, it means that players will have less access to power in high level content, and that is a definite downside. The amount of effective power levels in Destiny 2 will drop substantially.

Secondly, it means that players who have enjoyed using powerful weapon mods such as Disintegration are likely to be less capable in activities post-change. This isn’t ideal either.

What We Can Do

Fortunately, there are still some good things that we can do to get more out of our time in Destiny 2. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Keep Our Loadouts Simple:
By keeping our loadouts simple, we can focus on more flavorful builds. This means that while the power of our builds may not be as high, the experience will be much more satisfying.

2. Invest in Other Mods:
Other Mods, such as Resistance Mods and Season Mods, still offer some powerful benefits, and investing in them can help to partially make up for the lost power from Warmind Cells Mods.

3. Make Use of Bungie’s balancing:
Bungie’s balancing efforts should help to offset the power imbalance created by the change. This should lead to more enjoyable and more fair matches in the Crucible as well as other activities.

Overall, we can still make the most out of our time in Destiny 2, even when we cannot make use of Warmind Cell Mods. With enough patience and effort, we should still be able to enjoy the game despite these changes.

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