Destiny 2 is the world’s most popular online shooter and has had a habit of reinvention ever since it launched back in 2017. The game has had a myriad of updates and expansions and each one has brought something new in the form of raids, weapons, exotic items and much more.

Now, Destiny 2 is beginning to grow a little long in the tooth and many gamers are starting to feel like they need something new and exciting to reinvigorate the experience. One of the best ways to do that is to introduce a new “Lightfall” concept for exotic items. Exotic items are powerful pieces of gear that can give players an edge in the game and a new Lightfall system could be just the thing Destiny 2 needs to keep players interested.

A Lightfall system would work like this: each exotic item would have its own special “Lightfall” level, ranging from 1 to 10. As players use that item in battle, its Lightfall level would increase. For example, if you’re using an exotic sniper rifle its Lightfall level would increase every time you make a headshot kill with it. The higher the Lightfall level gets, the more powerful the exotic item becomes.

This system would add a new layer of depth to the game and keep players engaged and invested in their exotic gear. It would also add a whole new element of challenge to the game as players would be incentivized to try different weapons and playstyles in order to push their items to the highest levels.

Moreover, this system could be introduced as a way to breathe some new life into Destiny 2. It would be a great way to make the game more exciting and unpredictable, giving players something new to strive for every time they enter a raid or a mission.

In conclusion, Destiny 2 could benefit greatly from the introduction of a Lightfall system for exotic items. It’s a great way to keep players interested and engaged in the game, as well as to add a layer of challenge and variety to the experience.

Destiny 2 Needs a New ‘Lightfall’ For Exotics More Than Ever

The Destiny series has been a beloved staple of Bungie’s games for years – even before their collaboration with Activision began. Since then, the game has seen significant improvements and additions to content, with a steady stream of updates as well as new expansions.

However, it feels that while players have many new ways to upgrade their characters, they lack the freshness of the game’s original launch. This has been increasingly apparent in the lack of luck the game’s Exotics have had.

The Issues with Exotic Gear

Destiny 2’s Exotic gear brings with it some of the most powerful perks and attributes one can find in the game. Unfortunately, it also carries the biggest downside – limited availability and the need for random drops. This means that the chances of getting a particular piece of Exotic gear can be astronomical depending on your luck.

What’s worse is that even once you do obtain a piece of Exotic gear, its strength is nothing compared to the weapons and armor you receive from other sources. This is due to the Level and Power system, which makes Exotics far inferior to any other drops you gain from activity rewards.

A Return of Lightfall

The solution to this problem might come from a well-known feature in the original Destiny – Lightfall. Lightfall was a special Light-like resource that granted players a powerful boost to their overall Light level. It allowed players to upgrade their Exotic weapons and armor to make them much more powerful than any other piece of equipment.

Now more than ever Destiny 2 needs a return of Lightfall. The current Exotic system isn’t engaging enough as it doesn’t add any real value to owning one. With Lightfall, players can once again take advantage of their Exotics and obtain the highest grades of weapons and armor.


Exotics offer some of the best rewards in Destiny 2, but their value is limited by the Level and Power system. In order to bring back the excitement and thrill of finding an Exotic piece of gear, Bungie should consider a return of Lightfall. This will give players the ability to upgrade their Exotics to truly stand out among the crowd.

Only time will tell if Bungie will adopt Lightfall as part of their content updates, but for now, it’s important for players to recognize the need for an Exotic overhaul in Destiny 2.

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