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Destructive Arrows 1.0.0

This function pack/addon adds more functionality to arrows. They destroy blocks and also “damage” others. See the list below for all the exact changes to each block. This was designed for 1.14 so if commands change from them this pack will probably not work anymore.

A demonstration video will be uploaded here soon demonstrating some interesting uses of this mechanic.

Arrows now destroy WEAK BLOCKS and blocks can get damaged! See the following list of blocks:

Destroyable Blocks

Saplings, Leaves, All Plants, Crops, Sugar Cane, Cactus, Bamboo, Flowers, Mushrooms, Mushroom Blocks, Snow, Snow Layers, Chorus Flowers + Plants, Glass, Glass Panes, Stained Glass, Stained Glass Panes, Vines, Lilypads, Melon Blocks, Pumpkins, Ice, Sea Pickles, Coral Plants + Blocks, Kelp, and Glowstone.

Changeable Blocks

Cobblestone >>> Gravel
Stone >>> Gravel
Dirt >>> Coarse Dirt
Grass Blocks >>> Dirt
Mycelium >>> Dirt
Podzol >>> Coarse Dirt
Stonebrick >>> Cracked Stone Bricks
End Bricks >>> End Stone 

(This list is available when you view you click “Read More” in the behaviour pack menu)

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