Recent reports suggest that Diablo 4 players are not pleased with the new Skeletons, which were added to the Necromancer class in an effort to enhance the new action role-playing game for PC and console players. Reports indicate that the developers of the new Diablo 4 game decided to make the Skeletons, an undead enemy type, stronger and more powerful than other enemy types, such as the traditional Demons.

This decision has not gone down well with Diablo 4 players, who feel that the Skeletons are overpowered and not in line with the spirit of the original Diablo. Players have become frustrated by the fact that the Skeletons are more powerful than the regular Demons and are taking much longer to kill. This has resulted in players having to adjust their tactics in order to be able to fight the Skeletons, often resulting in a much slower pace of play.

In addition to the overpowered Skeletons, players have also voiced their concern with the game’s loot drops. Many players have complained that loot drops are not as frequent with the Skeletons and that they don’t offer as much loot in comparison to the regular Demons.

It seems that the developers of Diablo 4 have been listening to player feedback and are making adjustments to the Skeletons in order to make them more balanced and in line with the original Diablo. This news has been welcomed by Diablo 4 players, who are hoping that the changes will make the game more enjoyable. Only time will tell if the changes will be successful and if Diablo 4 players will be content with the Necromancer Skeletons in the future.

Diablo 4 Players Aren’t Happy About the Necromancer Skeletons

The game Diablo 4 released earlier this month has been met with fanfare from gamers everywhere, but there are some features that have left players feeling more than a little frustrated.

Chief among them is the design of the necromancer skeletons, an iconic part of the Diablo universe and one of the Necromancer’s main abilities. Many players believe that the design of the skeletons in Diablo 4 just doesn’t quite match up to what they’re used to.

What’s Wrong with the Skeletons?

The primary complaint from players is that the necromancer skeletons in Diablo 4 just aren’t as intimidating or visually compelling as those found in Diablo 3. While the Diablo 3 skeletons had a more menacing, aggressive look, the skeletons in Diablo 4 have a more cartoonish, less threatening design.

Other Issues with Diablo 4

It’s not just the design of the necromancer skeletons that have players frustrated. There are a number of other issues that have left fans of the Diablo franchise feeling unsatisfied:

Graphics: While the game has some beautiful vistas and scenery, the character models and overall graphics are considered by some to be a step down from its predecessor.

Difficulty: Many players have complained that the game’s difficulty is too easy, making it less enjoyable for those who are used to a challenge.

Gameplay: While some aspects are generally praised, others have left players feeling underwhelmed.


All in all, while Diablo 4 has been generally well-received, players are still unhappy with certain aspects of the game, especially the design of the necromancer skeletons. Hopefully Blizzard will take this feedback into consideration and address the issues in future updates.

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