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Did you ever want to be a villager? Or maybe have a glass helmet? Now you can with this resource pack!

This resource pack remodels and retextured the skulls to be blocks and entities

I’ve made a resource pack that remodeles the Heads/Skulls to be a villager head, stone head, pumpkin head, glass head, tnt head and a tiny shulker.

All in a row:

The villager head

The stone ‘head’

The pumpkin ‘head’

The tnt ‘head’

The glass helmet

The mini shulker on head

I’ve also included some extra ‘head’ skins, and if you rather want those just rename the one you’d like to either skeleton.png, zombie.png, creeper.png or wither_skeleton.png.

i didn’t say it before but the first version was about mobs and tiny blocks 

new version for decoration  (after a really long time!)

  • replaced the villager head with a snow globe
  • replaced the shulker with a snow globe
  • new images will be uploaded in a new version (don’t have much time at the moment)

Added some more text to say I’ve included more textures


the first files are of the first versio0n with mobs and tiny blocks and the new one includes a clock and a snow globe


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

Source link


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