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Distinct Outlines is a texture pack that adds distinct outlines to items! It allows items to have a more “refined” look, while keeping the vanilla look. It’s applied to sword, food, tools, and more! (Note that this texture pack doesn’t change the MODELS of any of the items, such as, elytras, armors, shields, horse armor, etc.)

In my honest opinion, I normally don’t download texture packs, because they get rid of the feel of vanilla minecraft. With this texture pack, it doesn’t remove the vanilla look of minecraft, while adding a better look to items! To make it easier for you to see what I have made, here are certain categories of items I retextured. 
Meat Textures (Includes raw meat and fish)

Nether Textures
End Textures (note that the elytra MODEL  isn’t retextured)
Ore Textures (Ore Drops)
These aren’t all the textures though. There are a total of 276 retextured items for you to see!

Added a new thumbnail in hopes of getting it approved.

I Changed the description to make it more detailed.
I also changed the thumbnail (I hope it changed, this is my first time uploading stuff to mcpedl).


There is no external link, adfly, etc. so all you have to do is click on the download button, and then you will have the texture pack!


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