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This addon adds three different game modes to your game that you can switch between, Once activated any player that stops moving will get instantly killed, similar to the pc data pack.


1. Install the behavior pack.

2.Once the behavior pack is installed go into your world settings and activate it

3. Go into the active behavior packs in your world and click on the addon and you should see a settings icon, click on it

4. There you can switch between 3 different modes, by default it will be set to the last one


1. TNT- In this mode whenever any player stops moving a tnt will be spawned in there location every second they are standing still

2. Random Mobs- In this mode random mobs will be spawned in the players location whenever they stop moving, every hostile mob has a chance to spawn except the Wither and Ender Dragon.

3. Instant Death- This mode will instantly kill any player that stops moving

Once you load the world the addon will get activated as soon as you start moving

-If you crouch even if you are moving the game does not count that as moving

-This addon is compatible with multiplayer

If you review this addon pleasee do NOT change the dowload links


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