Download Meizu’s Flyme OS 8 colorful bubble live wallpapers!


There’s no denying that people love customizing their smartphones with different wallpapers. No matter if your device is completely stock or rooted and modded up the wazoo, a simple wallpaper can change the feeling to fit your style or mood. We often share wallpapers from newly launched phones, but today we have live wallpapers from Meizu’s Flyme OS 8 which was announced last year.

These wallpapers from Flyme OS 8 are not simple static wallpapers, however. XDA Recognized Developer linuxct, who is kinda known for porting live wallpapers, grabbed the 5 live wallpapers as seen below. They feature bubbles in various colors that slowly move around the screen. You can download the APK linked below to use the live wallpapers.

Download Flyme OS 8 Live Wallpapers APK

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