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Dracomalum (Formerly known as Dm2Refurbished) – MCPE AddOns

Dracomalum, formerly known as Dragon Mounts 2 Refurbished, is a Minecraft add-on that not only provides new structures and entities but also a narrative! Your travels will take you everywhere, from the Overworld where enormous Skysailors soar, to the depths of the Nether where the Magma Dripper hides, and to the high sky of the Aether where the Aether Dragon resides! So go ahead, make friends with a dragon, and soar!

Cre: LegitDragonb0y


The Aether

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You can enter a new “dimension” called the Aether. Create an Aether Portal using a crafting table to achieve this. After that, open the gateway and enter! You’ll be taken into the new “dimension” after some loading has occurred. When you first arrive, the surroundings are remarkably different. Here, the trees are a beautiful golden color, while the grass is blue. The mobs also sport gleaming gold wings. However, there are numerous new and frightening adversaries here; do not be duped and enticed by the serene blue and gold. The Aether Dragon and the Minotaur are among the most noteworthy. They are the ruling class in this world. The Minotaur may be discovered inside Labyrinth Island, and the Aether Dragon can be located inside the Aether Crystal on the top of the tallest point of the Aether. By performing a right click or long press on the Aether Crystal, you can summon the Aether Dragon.

Aether Dragon:

Health: 300

Damage: 8


Health: 200

Damage: 18-25

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Aether Screenshots

The Aether


Where to find the Aether Crystal on the Highest Peak


Some of the new Skyroot Blocks


The Flying Cow and The Sky Pig


The Labyrinth Island


The Aether Dragon soaring over the Island


The Minotaur in his Chamber


The End

A new model of the Ender Dragon has been created to complement the Dimensional Dragons.


The Nether

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There are strong creatures living in the Nether’s depths. Here, there are two bosses. The first is the crystal of the Nether Dragon, whose body is located atop the former King’s Fortress in the heart of the Nether. The second boss is a much elder dragon who was formerly a resident of the Fortress. Magma Dripper His Volcano, his safe haven, is located 1,000 blocks from the Nether’s core. It is strongly advised to combat Ig, the Adamant Warlord, whose hammer does additional damage to the Magma Dripper, before entering his chamber, though. In one of the rooms in The Volcano, Ig may be seen keeping watch.

About the Magma Dripper’s Ultimate Ability: A full power attack from the Magma Dripper can kill anything almost instantaneously. The sole means of countering this attack is by raising a shield and taking potions or medicines to heal yourself.

The Magma Dripper:

The Nether Dragon:

Ig, The Adamant Warlord

The Old King’s Fortress


The Nether Dragon flying above the Old King’s Fortress


The Magma Dripper’s Volcano


Ig, The Adamant Warlord standing guard in the Volcano


At the base of his volcano, The Magma Dripper, the Old King of The Nether, was dozing off.


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The Overworld

Out of the four dimensions, the Overworld is home to the majority of dragon-like creatures. Nearly everywhere there are tall village towers with welcoming traders. However, not every village tower can live in peace as some have been damaged by Skysailors who now rest on their summits. The Fire Dragons are defending their burned nests on the windswept hills. Blizzarions—Ice Drakes—reside in the distant, polar regions’ white lands. Ice Dragons with white scales that fit their habitat are flying over a nest of snow and frost. Celestial Skulk Gliders, as their name implies, are creatures who dwell deep within the ground and have an unearthly appearance and sound. Among the Skulk Gliders are the remains of a long-dead dragon.


Health: 150

Damage: 10-20

Overworld Features Spawning


Village Towers can be found in: Plains, Savanna, Taiga, Ice Plains, Deserts

Skysailors can be found atop destroyed Village Towers in: Plains, Taiga, Ice Plains, Deserts, Windswept Hills

Fire Dragon Nests can be found in: Windswept Hills

Ice Dragons Nests can be found in: Ice Plains

Skeleton Dragons can be found everywhere in the Overworld between y-level -60 and 20

Blizzarion can be found in: All Ice Biomes

Celestial Skulk Gliders can be found everywhere in the Overworld below y-level 63 and -63

Craftable Items

Craftable Weapons

Craftable Armor

Dimensional Dragon Armor 

Helmet(+5 protection)

Chestplate(+10 protection)

Leggings(+8 protection)

Boots(+5 protection)

Aether – Boots(+speed)




Nether – Chestplate(+fire resistance)


Elemental Dragon Armor 

Helmet(+2 protection)

Chestplate(+7 protection)

Leggings(+5 protection)

Boots(+2 protection)


Skysailor Armor (durability nearly as good as Netherite)

Helmet(+3 protection)

Chestplate(+8 protection)

Leggings(+6 protection)

Boots(+3 protection)


Special Items: Items that are given to you by defeated Story Bosses

The Sliver of Flame: Achaba’s Blade(+20 damage) – the blazing sword bestowed upon you by the Magma Dripper after defeating him 

Right-clicking/long-pressing activates the special ability(switch to third person to see the animation)


The Hammer of the Adamant Warlord(+15 damage) – after you defeated Ig, The Adamant Warlord, he gave you the magnificent Warhammer.


Minotaur Axe(+12 damage) – the gold axe held by the Minotaur


The Armor of the Magma Dripper(full set bonus – fire resistance, resistance, strength) – the armor given to you by the Magma Dripper

Helmet(+6 protection)

Chestplate(+11 protection)

Leggings(+9 protection)

Boots(+6 protection)


To Tame The Dragons

Many of you are present to ride a dragon through the air. Taming one is the first step in accomplishing that. The procedures for taming each of the several tamable dragons are given below.

All dragons can be forced to wander by engaging with a stick (right-clicking or long-pressing). You can instruct them to do so in the same manner.

Ride your dragon, then interact while carrying a dragon whistle to have it breathe fire.

Holding a Special Dragon Whistle, engage an Ancient Dragon (Magma Dripper) in combat.

Dragons that have been tamed can be bred. You need both male and female variations to breed Elemental/Dimensional Dragons. You can breed tamed dragons by feeding them any kind of meat.

Skysailor Equipping and Sitting: Due to the Skysailor’s size, you are unable to equip it and have it seat at the same time. Instead, you must squat and use a stick to interact as you switch between the two.

When at low health, the domesticated Magma Dripper does not perish. Instead, it is knocked down for an hour and rendered helpless. The Magma Dripper will resume its regular operation after the hour is up.

Note: To make the Ender Dragon egg hatchable, place it in any crafting place.

You must first kill each of the three dragons—Aether, Nether, and Ender—before you may tame them. When you kill them, an egg is left behind for you to hatch. With salmon, the hatched youngster can be trained, and any meat can be used to raise it to adulthood.

Ice and fire elemental dragons can be trained by taking an egg from their nest. After the egg hatches, salmon is used to calm the young creature. Feed it any meat to have it develop into an adult.

Dragons who are skeletal must be given another dragon’s soul in order to come to life. Give it any dragon egg to do this, and it will then become tamed to you. When exposed to sunlight, be sure to cover it with armor to prevent burning.

Celestial Skulk Glider: A slimeball can be used to tame the Skulk Glider.

Blizzarion: To tame this drake, you must either kill an adult and hatch the egg that was left behind, or you must try to feed it while being attacked. Feed it cod or salmon to calm it. Any type of meat can be fed to the infant to help it grow.

Skysailor: It will be difficult to tame this dragon because you must defeat it first. When killed, it drops an egg that must be fed dragon meat once it hatches.

Befriending is a better phrase to describe these ancient dragons, also known as the “Magma Dripper.” Since they can only be found in perilous fortresses, they are the most difficult dragons to become friends with. You must first combat one of the Ancient Dragons to prove your worth before you can befriend one of them. After you defeat them and speak to them (interact with them), you will see instructions on how to befriend them.

Dragon eggs can be hatched by placing them on the ground and then clicking or long-pressing them. It can be clicked or long-pressed to start the countdown until the egg hatches. The average time for one egg to hatch is 20 minutes. Simply “kill” the egg to pick it up once more. Upon its “death,” it will drop the object.

A list of the Tamable Dragons

Aether Dragon

Nether Dragon

Ender Dragon

Fire Dragon

Ice Dragon


Magma Dripper

Model Gallery

Aether Dragon(Female)


Aether Dragon(Male)


Nether Dragon(Female)


Nether Dragon(Male)


Ender Dragon(Female)


Ender Dragon(Male)


Fire Dragon(Female)


Fire Dragon(Male)


Ice Dragon(Female)


Ice Dragon(Female)




Sculk Glider


Lightning Bird










Ig, The Adamant Warlord




The Magma Dripper


If you’d like to support me, you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel. If you’d like to report any bugs, join my discord server ( 


LegitDragonb0y(founder, coder, animator)

Lk_(model and texture artist, lore-helper/writer)




Huge thanks to the people that helped make this addon!

Avocado for drawing the pack icon, and many lore ideas

Xterionix for help with coding

The Concept Artists

Dragonforce Studios for some assistance in the flight animations

NOPE for the idle animation for the Elemental Dragons.

C00k227 for the Elemental Dragon model

And to all the Contributors in the Discord Server


  • Added Ig, The Adamant Warlord
  • Added Blizzarion
  • Added Village Towers
  • Added Skyroot Stairs, Doors, Trapdoors
  • Added frozen variants of blocks
  • Added Ice Dragons
  • Added Ice Dragon Sword and Armor
  • Remodeled Magma Dripper
  • Revamped Magma Dripper animations
  • Heavily improved Magma Dripper AI
  • Revamped Magma Dripper volcano 
  • Revamped Magma Dripper player armor
  • Redid Nether Structure spawning
  • Remodeled Skysailor
  • Revamped Skysailor animations
  • Changed where Skysailors spawn
  • Revamped Skysailor player armor
  • Remodeled Minotaur
  • Revamped Minotaur animations
  • Revamped Minotaur AI
  • Aether blocks asset update
  • Changed Skyroot leaves color from lime to gold
  • Improved Skyroot slab – now more like vanilla slabs
  • Tons of item asset changes
  • Removed Wither Dragon
  • Removed wandering untamed Skysailors
  • Changed Magma Dripper taming
  • Changed Skysailor taming
  • Tamed Magma Dripper can now use more attacks
  • Fixed Aether Portal not being able to be placed
  • Fixed tamed baby skysailors not being able to move
  • Fixed Fire Dragon nests not spawning
  • Fixed Dragons sliding


Enable ALL Experimental Gameplay Options!!

BlockGeoFixer is a dependency!


Download Dracomalum

Download Dracomalum (Link Backup)

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:


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