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DX Craft is an expansion pack that will truly change the way how you play minecraft!

Right now the addon only has items and is currently in a W.I.P so some features are subject to change, more stuff coming soon!

Here are some of the things in the Addon:

Obsidian rod

2 Obsidian

The Obsidian rod is used for crafting molten tools.

Molten ingot

1 Netherite ingot (can only be smelted by blast furnace)

Used for crafting molten tools, right now the texture for the molten ingot is temporary and will be changed in future updates. (Recipe now changed to netherite)


All hammers have higher attack damages than swords, but makes you slower and has slightly less durability.

2 sticks, 5 (corresponding item)

Molten tools

Molten tools deal +1 damage higher than netherite tools and has higher durability

Molten sword

1 Obsidian rod, 2 Molten ingots

Molten pickaxe

2 Obsidian rods, 3 Molten ingots

The Molten pickaxe is temporarily OP, it doesn’t mine as fast as the netherite pickaxe but it instantly mines any block that you touch.

This feature was meant for more powerful weapons but in future updates this might change.

Molten shovel

2 Obsidian rods, 1 Molten ingot

Same as the Molten pickaxe, it mines any block that you touch

This feature might also be changed

Molten axe

2 Obsidian rods, 3 Molten ingots

Same as the Molten pickaxe and shovel

Might also be changed

Molten Hoe

2 Obsidian rods, 2 Molten ingots

Right now the Molten hoe doesn’t really do anything, but im currently working on adding a tilling setting to it

Molten hammer

2 Obsidian rods, 5 Molten ingots

Same as the other hammers

New stuff!

Amethyst, Amethyst ore

Can be obtained underground (levels 0-29)

You can trade these with teir 3+ villagers

Sapphire, Sapphire ore

Can be obtained underground (levels 0-11) It’s very rare!

You can trade these with only teir 5 villagers

Dragonite ingots, Dragonite ore

Currently has no use

Caramelized sugar

1 sugar

Used for crafting sweet candy

Sweet candy

4 caramelized sugar, 1 sweet berries

Restores 1 food bar, sometimes gives you haste, reference to having a sugar rush 🙂

More stuff is coming soon! Remember this is just beta so all features in this pack may be changed in future updates.

Just comment if you happen to find any bugs, I’ll reply to them almost immediately

1. Added new ores: Amethyst, Sapphire, Dragonite

2. Added caramelized sugar and sweet candy

3. Fixed Molten axe’s texture not appearing

4. Slightly lightened the Obsidian rod’s texture

1. Fixed the Molten axe not having it’s texture

2. Obsidian rod’s texture slightly lightened


Make sure you enable Experimental Mode


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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