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This add-on includes fridges, speakers, computers, phones, smart tables, and more! This add-on even includes features like getting cakes from refrigerators! Your Minecraft house will definitely look fantastic with electronic furniture!

Creator: The Holy Emerald (Ashwin)

Here’s a trailer going over various features of this add-on and a SECRET feature:

You can spawn each piece of electronic furniture by using their spawn eggs!

You can spawn an iPhone and an Android phone.

You can spawn a speaker! More on this coming very soon!!

You can spawn a Windows Laptop!

You can spawn a Macbook!

This one is my favorite. You can spawn a TV! Makes a Minecraft home complete.

You can spawn a smart fridge with a touch screen display! Best part is that you can get CAKE from the fridge! (More on this in the video.)

You can spawn a touch screen synth piano! Loved creating this one.

Last but not least, you can even spawn a smart table! Good piece of furniture for your Minecraft house!

*Please give me (The Holy Emerald) credit if you plan on reviewing this mod on YouTube, because I spent a lot of time making it. 🙂

For more on the add-on, check out the video I made on this add-on linked at the top of the page! 


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