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Have you ever looked at the end and thought that it needs more features? Well, then this is the addon for you! As the name says this addon gives the end an update! The End Update addon adds things like new blocks, structures, items, mobs, and more! Hope you enjoy this addon!

Use Experimental Gameplay for Addon To Work!!!!!!!

This Addon Is Work I Progress So there will Be Bugs.

You Can Leave Ideas In The MCPEDL Comments

New Types of trees!!

Yes, this addon adds a new tree type, its the end tree.

There are two versions of the end tree.

A big end tree as shown by the picture here!

And there are small trees as shown by the picture below!

The trees are made of two new blocks, the ender logs and the ender leaves.

When mined they drop themself and they yet cannot be crafted into anything.

The trees mostly spawn on end stone.

New Plants

The new plants this addon adds are the floater plant and the ender grass!

the floater plant is a plant that floats!

The plant also gives a fruit, when the plant is sheared it gives the floater fruit!

The floater fruit is a special fruit because when eaten makes the player float for about 5 seconds.

The floater plant looks like this!

Ender grass

The ender grass is a plant that just sits there as decoration

the ender grass spawns in the end on end stone.

here is how the ender grass looks!


this addon adds more structures to the end like the endermite nest that is shown in the picture below.

it has an endermite spawner in the middle.

New type of rock

The new type of rock is the purple end stone it can be found on the ground like end stone!

That’s it for now, there are more things in the addon but you have to find them yourself!

this addon will get lots of updates!

You Take created for this addon!

you cannot copy this addon!

you cannot repost this addon!

you can make a youtube video but you have to credit me!


Put The RES and DAT pack on your world and enjoy!

Use Experimental gameplay for the addon to work!


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