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This add-on adds two new friendly mobs. They look like humans but have abilities similar to an enderman, e.g. teleporting. The archers can be tamed and used as your personal bodyguard to protect you against the evil monsters in Minecraft. If you often feel lonely in your worlds then use this addon to get a companion.

How does it work?

Each archer has an appearance, one with a masculine appearance and the other with a feminine appearance.

You can tame an ender archer by feeding it some bread.


Every time you tame one it will wear a random type of armor set (and sometimes none at all).


A tamed ender archer will follow you around and protect you against hostile monsters. As they are equipped with a bow they will use this to fire at enemies. But their main advantage is that they can teleport similar to an enderman. (Only adults teleport.)


If one of the following mobs is in the surrounding area of an archer then it will use it as a mount and ride it. (It also requires that a hostile mob is somewhere close.) The disadvantage this creates is that it won’t be following you when it rides the mob.

But that’s just a bug which will likely be fixed in a future update. Ender Archer Rideable Mobs:

  • Cow
  • Mushroom cow
  • Pig
  • Spider
  • Wolf


You can breed two ender archers by feeding them each an apple. A few seconds later an ender archer baby will spawn.


  • Use a stick to add or remove teleportation power.

  • New video showing how to pass the ad
  • Added custom sounds
  • Improved compatibility
  • You can now remove or add teleportation power using a stick
  • Model Improvements
  • Collision Box Fixed
  • Translated some words into english and portuguese
  • New add-on icon
  • Updated files for compatibility with new versions
  • Tamed Parrots Ride on Ender Archer’s Shoulders

Added inventory, pick up behavior, improved compatibility with newer versions

  • Independent entities, it does not replace skeleton and stray
  • Compatible with the latest versions of the game
  • Use bread to add teleportation power again if you have removed it with milk


Supported Minecraft versions


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