Epic Games is launching an Android game store in 2019 with 88% revenue share


When Fortnite arrived on Android, there was a lot of speculation as to where it would end up. Early reports indicated that it would forego the Google Play Store entirely, which did turn out to be true. Instead, Epic Games melded a partnership with Samsung, offering the application exclusively on the Galaxy Apps store. Following the end of that exclusivity deal, Epic Games allowed users to download Fortnite from their own website. That opened the door to the possibility of finding tons of unofficial APKs online.

Now Epic Games has announced their own application store, with one big attraction: developers will get 88% of revenue generated by their app. This means that the company will only take 12% of all profits. To contrast, the Google Play Store will earn developers 70% of all revenue generated, with 30% going to Google. What’s more, if you’re using Unreal Engine, then the 5% engine royalty will be taken out of Epic’s 12% profit, not your 88%.

Of course, the Epic Games store is being aimed entirely at gamers. It will open up in early 2019 with a set of curated games that run on PC and Mac, with it opening up to Android and other open platforms later on in the year. There are a number of principles that the store will operate on, and all of them are set on establishing a shared space for both developers, content creators, and gamers alike. Creators like YouTubers and Twitch streamers will be able to refer players to buy games on the store, where creators can earn money. To jumpstart the economy, Epic Games will cover the first 5% of creator revenue-sharing for the first 24 months of the service.

If you’re wondering whether you’ll only be allowed to release games running the Unreal Engine, don’t worry. The first set of curated games will run on other engines like Unity. Developers need not worry about advertisements being shown on their game pages either. There will be no store-placed ads or cross-marketing of competing games on your page, and no paid ads in search results.

The company has said that they will reveal more details on December 6th, at The Game Awards in Los Angeles.

Source: Epic Games

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