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Epic Swords Addon adds 7 new craftable  swords to the game like a Galaxy Sword and even a… fidget spinner sword…? These swords have different attack damage and of course different cool designs. These swords also add different effects to the player such as feather falling and even village hero! Some of these swords are easy to craft and some are for endgame stuff. Do you have what it takes to craft the Rainbow Sword and the Diamond Crystal Sword?!

This addon adds 7 new craftable swords to the game to make your survival world more fun and I’m going to show you the attack damage, effects and the Crafting recipes one by one. But first…

How do you obtain them?

Well as I said before, you can obtain them by crafting them in survival and creative mode, but you can also obtain them by using the /give or /function command


To receive all the swords you need to type in.

/function Epic_Swords_Addon_pack

The swords and their attack damage, effects, Durability, and their crafting recipes.

Sword 1 – Emerald Sword

Command – /give @p pa:sword1 

Atk. Damage – 7

Durability – 500

Effects – Village hero I

Crafting Recipe

Sword 2 – Galaxy Sword

Command – /give @p pa:sword2

Atk. Damage – 10

Durability – 600

Effects – Invisibility II and +2 hearts

Crafting Recipe

Sword 3 – Rainbow Sword 

Command – /give @p pa:sword3

Atk. Damage – 13

Durability – 1000

Effects – Regeneration I, Saturation II, +3 hearts, and +1 speed

Crafting Recipe

Sword 4 – Diamond Crystal Sword

Command – /give @p pa:sword4

Atk. Damage – 12

Durability – 3000

Effects – Night vision II, Speed I, Water breathing II

Crafting Recipe

Sword 5 – Obsidian Sword

Command – /give @p pa:sword5

Atk Damage – 8

Durability – 1000

Effects – Resistance II, Slowness I

Crafting Recipe 

Sword 6 – Ender Sword

Command – /give @p pa:sword6

Atk. Damage – 9

Durability – 750

Effects – Feather Falling I

Crafting Recipe

Sword 7 – Fidget Spinner Sword

Command – /give @p pa:sword7

Atk. Damage – 7

Durability – 500

Effects – Absorption II, Jump boost I

Crafting Recipe

Now what are you waiting for? Go download the add-on and have fun! 😀

More updates will be coming soon


If you are showcasing this add-on on a video, please leave the link to this mcpedl page and not the direct download link. 

To use this add-on you need to enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY

Please don’t add this add-on on any other app like Addons for Minecraft PE and etc.  (except for mcpedl of course)

If you are having trouble downloading please comment down below and let me know if there are any bugs and I will try to fix them right away.

Thank you for your cooperation! 🙂


Having trouble with adf.ly?

1. Turn off any ad blocking applications because this may break the add.ly website

2. When you click this link, it will bring you to the adf.ly website. You will have to wait for 5 seconds, then click skip ad Do not click any ads, any other downloads or any notifications when going to the add.ly website

3. After you click skip ad, it will bring you to a page where it says “Please press allow to continue” if you can’t click the allow button then wait for the page to load in then go to the start of the web address, you will see this “www1a.”, change 1a to

4. So it will turn into “www4.”. Wait for a couple of seconds. If this doesn’t work then try again. 4. After that, it will redirect you to the download link, just wait 5 seconds.

  5. Now this will bring you to the mediafire download link. Just click the green button and it will install. If it brings you to another page just press the back key. 


After you downloaded it click the file manager and click the Epic Swords.mcaddon. Once you click it, open it with Minecraft. If it says level import failed. Go to your file manager and move the file to the documents folder or any folder. It should work this time.  


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

Source link


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