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You’ve been locked up in a strange room, you need constantly observe, think, guess, inference, to guess the word and escape in this strange room. You can play with friends or solo.

This game is based on the popular game with the same title of this map “Escape Room: Mystery Word” were you need to guess the word by looking clues around the room and if you’re correct you will head up to the next level.

How To Play?

Letters are in the chest get them, guess the word and put it on item frame (1 letter per item frame). Then click the button to see if your answer is correct.

If you want to remove letters use stick (its also inside the chest) to remove letter. Be careful not to destroy item frame with stick.

If you get stuck you can use your xp to ask for a hint, hint cost 1 level. Your xp will increase everytime you finish level.

  • Added Five more levels (There are now 20 levels in total)
  • Fix bugs in some levels
  • Added 5 more levels
  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed known bugs in some levels
  • Added missing stick in some levels

Fixed an error issue were the resource pack is missing


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  • In pc disabled ad blocker
  • If there’s a new tab that pop up just close it 


Supported Minecraft versions


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