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Fade Through Black Transition

Have you ever seen the black screen that fades in and fades out when playing Minecraft maps (especially from Marketplace)? Now you can make one for your map easily. This addon is pretty simple.

Fade Through Black Transition is a simple addon that gives you the ability to add better transition between two conditions/places, by enabling the ability to fade-in and out of black. This addon will be useful for your map.

How to use this addon:

  • Using this addon is pretty easy. Just execute “/function ftblack”.
  • To use the recommended timing of fade-in, stay, and fade-out, execute “/function ftdefaultttime”
  • To change the timing of fade-in, stay, and fade-out, execute “/title [PlayerTarget] times [fade-in] [stay] [fade-out]” (replace the square brackets and the text in it with number; 1 second = 20; replace the “[PlayerTarget]” with player(s)).
  • Also comes in white! Execute “/function ftwhite”.


Please note that:

  • This does not work with hidden GUI. This is on Minecraft’s end, as the function uses /title command with hidden Minecraft emojis/icons (which I retextured to black, and white, and resized to cover the entire screen). Make sure to un-hide it.
  • You might encounter lag/freeze for first-time usage (counts from world creation/rejoin). Make sure to execute it first to get rid of the lag later.
  • This goes without saying, but just in case, this addon is only for the fade-in, stay, and the fade-out black/white. If you want to trigger a condition (e.g changing places), you have to do it yourself.
  • If you want more color, please tell me.
  • It is recommended to credit me if you are using the addon.


Shader used:


Tutorial video: click here



  • Please download the .zip file instead, if you are having problem with the .mcaddon.
  • No Linkvertise or anything. I do not monetize this addon.



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